Sunday, November 15, 2009


Friday night in the Accidental Household is Pizza Night. This usually goes hand in hand with Beer Night!

I have been keeping up the tradition about once a month while Mr Accident has been away, but not necessarily on a friday - I'm lucky if I know exactly what day of the week it is, most of my days seem to run happily together.

I bought a pizza today, one of the frozen, boxed types. It was "Double Beef 'n' Bacon" apparently. But when I read the ingredient list it was a nasty surprise. It started out with flour, water and cheese. Fair enough. But then... what's this? "Manufactured Bacon"? At least it actually contained pork as the main ingredient. As I read further, I passed tomato paste and onions to reach "Manufactured Beef". Oh dear. This contained no beef at all. None. Just thickener, flavour and salt. Yuck! I was rapidly losing my appetite.

Since I am loathe to skip pizza night all together, it looks like I will have to make my own from now on. Any tips are greatly appreciated!


  1. Ooh, exciting! Well then, our favourite is pizza sauce with roasted pumpkin, red onion, dollops of ricotta, and blanched spinach.

    But now that I've typed that out, it sounds like a lot of work if pizza night is an easy dinner night.

    Our second favourite is basil pesto instead of pizza sauce, with bacon, roast chicken (bought - I don't roast that myself!) sun-dried tomatoes, blanched spinach again and capsicum.

    But really, when there's a small person involved, you can't go past ham and pineapple.

    Actually no, scratch all that - if you were looking forward to your double beef 'n bacon, then making a pizza with REAL beef 'n bacon would satisfy, hey?

  2. Fave pizza is:

    Cook up slized chicken breast in tandoori sauce.
    Then cook pizza topped with the chicken and some mozzarella cheese.

    After Pizza is cooked top it with a salsa of mango, avocado, red onion and lime juice.... hmm, my FAVE pizza! :)

  3. We have had great success with the pizza recipes from the Best Recipe cookbook. You can even make the dough and freeze it!