Wednesday, November 25, 2009


My friend had a baby a month and a half after I did. She took a little while off work but had to go back, part time, due to her family's financial situation. Things are pretty tight for her family and I try to support her where I can. I helped her develop a budget, I give encouragement when she asks for it, and we only hang out together at places where we can be frugal - think fewer shoppping trips, far more park, swimming and walking dates.

She mentioned the other day that she and her husband are trying for another baby. This is great, exciting news! To be rich in family is clearly so much better than to be rich financially. However, it will be tough for them.

A few nights ago, very late, I had a sudden feeling - it was a drive, a brain wave. It came to me from nowhere. I climbed out of bed, went right to the back of the pantry and pulled out the dusty bottle of pregnancy vitamins that I had consistantly forgotten to take during my pregnancy. I had almost a full jumbo bottle of pills left.

I was meeting my friend the next afternoon, and I took the vitamins to her. I handed them over it like it was no big deal, just threw them into her nappy bag with an "I thought you might be able to use these". I certainly didn't expect her to be as overwhelmed and thankful as she was. It took me totally by surprise. 

It turns out she had run out of her pregnancy vitamins the night before, so the next morning she headed straight to the chemist. But she didn't buy any - they were all too expensive for her strict budget. She had stood there in the chemist, struggling with the dilemma of buying sufficient groceries for her family, or baby vitamins for a child not yet conceived. She sensibly picked the food. However, greater forces were at work. Somehow the amazing universe pulled together and made sure she got what she needed. I bet that a healthy baby comes along soon too!


  1. That is one great post! Vitamins are so expensive and what a great gift they would make.

    I love what you said about being rich in family.

  2. Oh wow! I love it! Once, I went out for a drive for absolutely no good reason, and came across a friend of mine who'd just crashed her car and was all alone and shaken up. Providence indeed.

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  4. Great post! That's the universe at work!