Friday, November 20, 2009

I won!

Against *enormous* odds, I won a giveaway over at "Killing a Fly with a Ukulele... is probably the wrong thing to do"! A whole $50 to spend as I like at Buyster Lighting. I didn't even know this online store existed, but they have some nice stuff.

Now the challenge is picking out something that I like, that doesn't have me blowing the budget. Because I do have a very soft spot for Tiffany lamps, like this one.

But I already have a Tiffany table lamp (thanks Mum!) so another would just be greedy. Perhaps a Tiffany floor lap? It would look fabulous beside my favourite reading chair.

But wait, look at this! So cute! So green! Perfect for the jungle themed nursery...

But in the end, I looked in my wallet, counted my pennies, and went with this one:

Sensible. Practical. Flexible. Perfect for the dark dark sewing room. It is actually cute in it's own way - it looks like it has a cheeky personality tucked under it's bonnet.

And since I've given a shameless plug for the Buyster Lighting (my affections are for sale, and at a low low price!) I will now plug Kate's blog, too. Go and pay her a visit, her kids are cute, her dog is naughty, and her adventures make excellent reading.

Go on... I'll be here when you get back.


  1. Do any of those fit energy saving bulbs? I'm all for those, but the lighting industry seems to be lagging behind with making lamps the right dimensions for fluros. Annoys me.

  2. Crazy Sister, I just stick them in anyway - I'm not really bothered if they poke out the end!

  3. Oh I am so glad you're happy! I was going to email you today and ask if things were going okay - if the company made contact with you or not. But I'm guessing I don't need to worry :)