Sunday, November 15, 2009

Baby bum

It took a long while to convince me that cloth nappies would work for my family. I thought of them as smelly, unsanitary, laundry inducing nightmares. I had visions of soaker buckets and leakage. I was so so wrong.

I use peapods, and I love them. They have a waterproof liner attached to a poly lining, and then you stuff a bamboo insert inside. They close with press studs sewn onto the nappy, so they are no harder to put on than a normal disposable. They don't need soaking, I just put them in a lidded bucket and wash them each evening with the daily normal load. Too easy!

The best part is that now my bin isn't full up, and it smells much nicer.

Oh, who am I kidding. The best part is the adorable, massive, cloth baby bum. Look at this!


  1. Beautiful cloth bum! I actually feel odd when I'm have one of the kids on my hip and they're in a disposable, I have nothing to grab on to, that junk in the trunk sure makes things easier.

    I'm an ittibitti fan, I love how inexpensive peapods are, but my eldest reacts to the fleece :(

  2. That big cloth bum is so gorgeous! I was sorry I never got back into clothies after I reverted to disposables when I had morning sickness with my 2nd (Here, let me change your -blergchhh!)

    I used old-fashioned cloth squares with SNAPPIs, and they were easier than I had expected. I wish I'd got back on the wagon, but there were heaps of reasons why I didn't, one of which is the extreme water restrictions and my relief to save 100 Litres a week from the washing machine.

    Still feels like a bit of an excuse though.

    Loved the cloth while it lasted.

  3. I always laugh at disposable ads which rave about how much more like cloth they are now than ever before... like, dir, you've nearly got it right! I loved clothies too. And, as our baby nurse pointed out, you can give them a nice big swat on the bot when they're that well padded. Makes a huge noise but does no damage!

    You just have to remember to dial back the swat a LOT once they're toilet trained...