Tuesday, November 10, 2009


I've got my grumpy pants on today.

Mr Accident has been trying to call me all day.

It's hard for him to get time to talk. He has an important job and he's very busy.

We made a time to talk but he couldn't make it. It wasn't his fault. And so we made another one. And he couldn't make that one either. So we made another....

But he rings up to tell me he doesn't have time to call. I end up sitting here all day waiting, like a fat girl with halitosis on prom night.

And when he does ring, the baby's just nodded off and gets frightened awake. Or I'm juggling nappies at bath time. Or I'm elbow deep in... never mind.

So when he did finally have time to talk, I was so grumpy about not being able to talk to him all day I couldn't even hold up my end of the conversation. And so now I'm even more grumpy. Harrummppff.

Mr Accident, I miss you!

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  1. Oh Mrs and Mr Accident, I'm sorry you can't get time to talk! I think you guys are wonderful for doing what you do - holding your family together when you're apart so often because of what Mr A does for our country. I am sorry it takes a toll on you like this. I hope you get time to talk soon!