Sunday, May 22, 2011

Autumn leaves

I raked a pile of jumping leaves in the front yard for Peanut. She didn't have a clue what to do with them. I showed her - right when the neighbours were pulling up into our shared driveway. These things always happen at the worst time. I think I probably blushed about the same colour as the leaves, so I''m hoping me galavanting around wasn't too obvious. Ahem. Anyway...

She soon got the jist of it.

And now, I can't get the kid back inside.

And it's FREEEEZING. Why do kids always seem to have broken thermostats, and be totally immune to cold?

In other news, Bug has discovered her feet. Big news, people, big news.  Have a lovely week!

Cooking with kids

I've been asked to write a monthly article over at An Amazing Child. Please head on over and read my first attempt, then stay and have a look around. It's a great site!

Here's a taste:

Imagine if someone told you that there was a magic pill to help develop your kid's numeracy, literacy and common sense, encourage her to eat her vegies, and give her a sense of achievement all while having quality fun. You'd want to know where to buy it, right? The answer? Your supermarket! Read more here...