Wednesday, October 6, 2010

The New House

Here's a small preview of the new house.

This is our future street. It's a 40km/h zone, 100m to the park, 200m to the public pool, and 100m to the playgroup hut.

This is the bathroom where I will splash and scrub the kidlets.

 This is the backyard where they will play while I hang laundry (and there will be alot!)

 This is the fully fenced courtyard where they can ride bikes, paint and play with sand in full view of the kitchen.

I am so excited! Three weeks until moving day...

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

When Mr Awesome came home from his long overseas jaunt, we decided that our daughter was so exceptionally wonderful that we should probably try to replicate our achievement as soon as possible. (We are a little biased!) Mr A and I ended up being remarkably successful in our attempt, and two weeks later a second little Miss Accident was growing away happily.

We are expecting her to arrive in about two months, I am so excited! Since Mr A and I are planning to stop at two kids, that means this Christmas will not only be the first Mr A spends with any of his children, but the first he spends with ALL of his children. Hooray!

But before Christmas, we have a fair few things to do... I have to wrap up work, and we have to pack up the house and move all our belongings to a different city. I have to spend three weeks alone looking after our toddler while Mr Awesome finishes up at his work. I have to unpack a house and settle in enough to make a toddler comfortable, until Mr A can come down and help me finish it off. And I have to cross my legs and wait, keeping the next little Miss safe until our family is together again. So gosh, if I'm not up at 2am dealing with my tiny pregnant bladder, I'm up thinking about this stuff. Pointless? Totally. Roll on Christmas!