Sunday, January 16, 2011

That bl**dy CHICKEN!!!

Peanut received a gift from a favourite uncle. She LOVES presents (as most toddlers do) and is capable of playing with a new toy for hours and hours and hours and hours and well, you get the picture. And here's a picture to help you get the picture more clearly:

Yes. It's Elmo. In a chicken suit. And he dances. And he sings, loudly. There is nothing subtle about our friend Elmo. I cannot WAIT until the batteries run out.

Once dear Uncle Dave has his own progeny, I'll be sure to give them an airhorn and a drum kit as soon as they are born. Just you wait, Dave!

Welcome Bug!

Dear Baby,

our family was pretty full. We had the basics, a husband and wife...

We added a few dogs...

And then a baby...

But we weren't quite done.

And then almost two months ago, in the late evening, we added another baby, you. Our last one, a beautiful little girl. And now our family is complete!

Welcome Bug!

There is no doubt that you and Peanut are sisters.

Peanut left, Bug right

You are adored by her, given hundreds of 'tuddles' a day, and smothered in love. She wipes your face, kisses your hands and gives you her toys. You are a fabulous sleeper, stirring only one a night for a quick feed (we won't count that night after injections, that wasn't your fault little one!)

You took to feeding quickly and painlessly. In fact, other than the copious vomiting at every opportunity, you are pretty much the ideal baby. Thanks Bug, I sincerely appreciate your cooperation.

I think you may stay.

Much love, Mummy.