Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Teddy bear, teddy bear....

Oh hello there!  

My name is Balthasar. (You can call me Balty for short, I'm sure we'll be great friends.)


I will be tucked into a stocking on Christmas eve, to make a little baby girl very happy.

I'm looking foward to it! I dressed up especially. Just look at my snuggly jumper, it has snowflakes, just like my home at the North Pole.

And look at my snuggly hood. It's perfect for keeping my ears warm during sleigh rides with Santa.

I hope it is suitable for my new home in Australia. Tropical Australia. I guess we'll find out....

See you soon Baby!


  1. Dude you're gonna need some boardshorts and a singlet or you're gonna melt.

  2. He's gorgeous - did you knit his little top?

  3. Balty, you will be a hit with your Australian sweetheart. I know a girl who would be willing to host you briefly if you came to the tundra to cool off.