Sunday, November 22, 2009

A very early Christmas "tree"

I haven't been feeling very festive.

It's hard being festive when some days you feel like you are the only one hanging out on your branch.

I'm probably missing Mr Accident a little. Probably.

Normally I wouldn't be concerned about Christmas this early but I need to get motivated, and bring a little festive spirit into the Accidental Home. I am planning to make my friends Christmas presents and give them out at the family centre Christmas party in just one week. One week! Oh dear.

It didn't feel right putting up the whole Christmas tree, and with a sucky, energetic, mobile baby it seemed like a doubly bad idea. Instead I dragged half a dead tree home from the scrub near the house, pruned it back and stuck it up with little clear hooks and string. It's well clear of Baby, fills up some serious wall space, and is very low effort. And when Christmas is over? Just rescue the few scant ornaments and drag the rest outside for the gardener to deal with. That is about the maxium effort I am willing to expend on decorating for Christmas, especially this early.

The good news is I am now well on the way with the presents. Here is the prerequisite 'Baby's First Christmas' ornament. It looks a little out of place, but I love it anyway.

There, doesn't that look better?

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