Thursday, November 12, 2009

Bedroom Makeover Part Two

Here it is! Finally! Part two of the bedroom makeover, the "after" shots.

Now I'm no Pioneer Dooce Nester blogger, my photos are very very inartistic and don't fully express the way I feel about this room. But stick with me, we'll give it a go anyway!

No, silly, that's the before shot. I didn't spend good time and money aiming for dorm room chic (but that sure is a cute baby).

This is the after shot:

See those big gorgeous pillows? I heart them. Lots. And they were cheeeeeeap - we could have bought the ones with the proper down filling for a kabillion dollars, but since we aren't going to actually sleep on them, just recline gracefully and read, and maybe have a pillow fight or two, we went for the polystuffing option. They still look great though.

And see the pretty lamps?

Ohhh, I LOVE lamp. It took a while to find ones at the right height and price, but Target came through for me.

Finally, here's the bit that was holding up the grand reveal:

A ragamuffin wreath, in the tradition of the Nester's famous ragamuffin garlands. I bought some old shirts from the Salvation Army in the largest sizes I could find (they make huge shirts!) and chopped them up. This was heaps cheaper than buying fabric new, and I didn't have any blue toned material in my stash.

Because I am not very good at slapdash, I tied the different fabrics on in a set pattern, but I did get casual enough to cut very roughly and leave on all the buttons. I think it makes it cuter! It only took an afternoon, including buying the shirts, chopping them all up, making the wreath frame, playing with the baby, tying on the fabric strips, working out how to hang the wreath and heading back out to buy hooks, and then actually putting it all up on the wall.

That's the initial of our surname stuck there in the middle. I think I might pull it back down and paint it white, but I want to live with it in it's natural state for a few days and see if it grows on me. I'm lazy like that.
I am so happy with the new bedroom; it's gone from a place of mild decorative annoyance to a room I really love.

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