Wednesday, July 25, 2012

All grown up

I spent hours this afternoon trawling through the Accidental photo archives. It's hard to believe how quickly the girls have grown. The dogs, too. And Mr Accident and I used to be so young! 

I don't normally notice the passage of time, but sometimes I just have a moment of clarity. I had one today, watching Peanut swim her first whole lap of the pool. 

She hopped out, dripping wet, and ran towards me grinning. 

And time slowed down. 

I realised that somehow over the past three years that I became a wife, and a mother, but I've been so busy being a wife and a mum I rarely stopped to actually noticed it. 

I've become a grown up. 

What a surprise!


  1. I really don't feel like a grown up.. and I've been doing this for 8 years. I know what you mean though.. you just don't notice it all happening!

  2. Scary thought, eh, when it creeps up on you like that!

  3. I only felt that perhaps I MIGHT be grown up when my parents died and realised there was nothing and no one between me and the next stage! Welcome to grown up world.

  4. I'm not sure I can say I'm grown up with any reliability - I think I have moments :D I know exactly what you mean about time flying by though - I can't believe TFG is SIX this weekend...heck it doesn't feel like she's been around the place that long lol

  5. I dont feel grown up at all...especially when my mum is then when you do stop and realise what responsibilities you have in your hands, whoa....yes, maybe that is a grown up thing.....time is my greatest enemy...for it seems that each year is passing more quickly than the last...
    Hope your photos are more organised than mine, Im still struggling...

  6. Reading your post made me feel a little grown up too! I was going through blog pics the other day and couldn't believe how small the girls looked...when we are so busy being Mum's and partners it is often easy to miss time marching on isn't it?
    I love your surprise...and i love that last pic!

    1. She's watching the Roulettes fly over our back yard. You know, when we actually had grass out there... *sigh*

  7. If it has only taken you three years to sit back and enjoy moments like these you are wise and lucky. And yes v grown up. My little baby is 14 and wants to go to uni in New York in three years time.

    It was only yesterday I helped her swim her first lap.

  8. Well my 17 yr old suddenly seems all grown up , but me I haven't aged a bit! lol - if only.

  9. Congratulations! I'm not there yet. ;)