Wednesday, July 11, 2012


Ah winter. 

Freezing, freezing winter. 

It's time for blankets, knitted socks, beanies.... oh, who am I kidding. Its time for comfort food!

Prepare yourself for the first installment (of two) of Mrs Accident's patented Winter Warmers. Cheap and simple ingredients, easy to prepare, and guaranteed to infuse your home with an aroma that will leave you impatient for dinner time. Let's get started!

Mrs Accident's Best Ever Meatloaf

Mmmm, meatloaf. 

No, not this one *shudder* (Image from here.)
Let's try that again, before we lose our appetite...

(Image from here.) 

Ah, there it is! Filling, cheap, and the flash point for many an Accidental marital argument about who gets the last slice. (This isn't a photo of my actual meatloaf. It is exceptionally hard to take an appetizing photo of a brown blob.)


2 slices of bread
1/2 cup of milk
750g mince
2 teaspoons Worcestershire sauce
2 tablespoons barbecue sauce (plus a bit more)
2 tablespoons tomato sauce
1 teaspoon salt
1 onion, diced
1 egg


Prepare yourself, there's six steps. And mixing! My three year can manage it, so you should be ok.

1) Set the oven to 180 degrees C. (Or, set my oven to 230C, because it's a lazy old sod.)

2) Soak the bread in the milk for about five minutes, until it's lovely and mushy. Be exceptionally thankful this is no longer considered a balanced and nutritious meal for children. 

3) Stick everything in a bowl and mix it. Or get your kid to mix it. Or stick her fingers in and smoosh it about. Doubles as a sensory developmental activity! win!

4) Stick everything in a greased loaf tin. (22x12cm is about right, but any deep dish about that size will do. I use my bread tin. I line it with baking paper but I probably don't need to.)

5) Press the meat down firmly, and squeeze a hefty wallop of barbecue sauce over the top.

6) Bake for an hour. Yum!

This meatloaf is delicious hot, awesome cold, and makes fabulous leftovers.

Mr Accident loves it. LOVES it. He likes to make sure I'm making enough for a hefty serve at night, and lunch the next day. For both of us. Lest I am slightly late for lunch, and he eats the final gigantic serve and there isn't any for me.... I'm pretty sure people have divorced for less... 


  1. G would *love* this. I don't eat much beef though. I wonder if I could do something similar with chicken mince instead? Hmmm...

  2. Egg :(

    Also, I've never had meatloaf, and still think it sounds vaguely icky, though it appears to be burger mix not split into burgers....

  3. I use a pork/veal mix of mince...grated carrot and some fine diced capsicum...along with all of your yummy bits above...cept the milk, I just use soft bread crumbs...I also push half the mix along the bottom of the tin, and put three or two hard boiled eggs on the mix and then push all the rest around it covering up the eggs...when you cut it, you get a slice of boiled egg as well...I know, not everyone likes a boiled goog in their meat loaf...but we do!!!!
    gotta love meat loaf....

  4. Mmmm that sounds yum will be trying that one. I always used half mince and half sausage mince which is dear. I do love meat loaf and mince is so versatile you can do so much with it. Thanks for that Jodie:-)

  5. Haven't had meatloaf in a donkey's age, but that has put me in the mood - thank you Mrs A.
    Now for you poor cold Australians; my latest 'cold' trick is to fill up an old woolly sock half full with rice, tie off the end stick it into the microwave for a minute or two and hey presto!, warm hands,feet or lonely bed....

  6. Meatloaf is one of our family favorites that leads to big fights over the last piece, too. I finally started making mine in muffin tins so everyone gets their own mini-loaf. (And I hide one for myself for the next day!)

  7. I use just about this same recipe..yummy! To mix it up a bit (and pretend i am including variety in our meals) i sometimes add a can of red kidney beans, some corn kernals, capsicum, mexican spices and salsa instead of sauces ( a little reserved to spread on the top) and there you have it...Mexican Meatloaf!

  8. I've never made meatloaf but think this looks so scumptious I might give it a try. Thanks Joan

  9. This was great. Made it for the family last night and it went down very well!