Friday, July 20, 2012

Facing the facts

It's official. I'm a ghost.

Winter has not been kind to my skin, or my skin tone.

I was gently spackling my skin with a light truckload of foundation, trying to polish over the ravages of a Canberra winter, when I realised my foundation was a touch too dark. And by too dark, I mean it made me feel like white bread smeared in nutella.

Luckily it was a shopping day, so I resolved to remedy the situation post haste. Unluckily, I didn't check the colour of my current foundation before rushing off to buy another pot. I just assumed I would get the lightest shade available, probably something called "albino snowman".

Struck mute by the tyranny of choice that is the beauty counter, I inevitably went for the same old brand, and chose the very lightest colour available - ivory.

It looked pale as pale, snowy white linen in a jar. A little pot of liquid cloud. In fact, it looked too pale. Well, winter's long, I'm only going to get paler, right?

So I bought it anyway...

It's the same tone as the one I already had, my trusty jar of nutella. Yep, I'm a ghost.


  1. he he heee! outside more :-D
    (I tried tinted moisturiser this year, for the first time...never, never ever again. Rather the ghost face.)

  2. Pale skin is healthy skin, here in the land of Oz with all the wrinkly tanned old beach babes, count yourself lucky...
    Pop some moisturiser in it to make it a lighter least you will feel like you are wearing something, but not as thick as

  3. Ha! You didn't look that pale, but then my comparison is me.. I gave up on liquids, never the right shade, and always too heavy. Unfortunately the powder I found and love can no longer be found at the place I bought it... When it runs out I'm going to have to *gasp* try a new brand. Oh the horror.

  4. I was reading on a 'homemade-type' website the other day, about someone who made their own powder/foundation with a mixture of cornflour and cocoa powder [add moisturiser for foundation]! Now there's an idea to conjure with....

    1. Oh, wow.... I'm not sure if I'm that much if a homemade housewife yet! Tasty face, though...

  5. Yay for no skin cancer!! I'm glad you are a ghost (sorry, but you are too nice to cook). :D

  6. oh dear....bugger...but at least you still wear foundation....i think i have some somewhere under the kids stuff......

  7. I give up on foundation, but having just come back from the northern hemisphere summer everyone here is saying how well I look. I can only guess that its the tan, given that chipmunk eyes don't usually scream "health and wellbeing" to me...