Thursday, July 19, 2012

The tuneless song

There's a love song that's sung in our home.

It's wordless and tuneless. A constant beat, flowing through my life, pouring out of Mr Accident and straight into my heart.

I find stanzas dropped in the bathroom, where I see that the newly washed nappies have been hung up to dry.

I find a note or two in the bathroom, when my electric toothbrush has mysteriously been put on to charge.

There's pages and pages of music in the kitchen, when I am feeling sick and dinner appears on the table.

I hear it when he makes me a lemon and honey tea for my sore throat. I hear it when he rubs Bug's sleepy back. It's there when the chooks are let out on an icy morning.

I don't know if he realises the effect it has on me. I walk around my home and see all the things he has done - the thousands of little expressions of love and service - and it's like walking around in a constant gentle hug.

My friends tease us as "the newlyweds". We've been together eight years, but I still get that same old flutter when I hear him at the door.

I hope my actions show him my love, as much as his do to me. I know I'm guilty of spending "five minutes more" on the internet, of ducking a hug when there's dinner to be made, or begging out of sitting for a bath-side chat when I think there is something more important to be done. More important? Who am I kidding?

Mr A, my darling: I will do better. I will try to sing for you the way you do for me. I suspect my first verse will be entitled  "cookies". You're welcome. ;)


  1. Ah, the song.....I know it.....and I am blessed to know are you, because a lot of people never find it....x

  2. Loved this, what a beautiful post.

  3. You just sang the whole song. Your girls are so fortunate to grow up with such wonderful music.

  4. now I don't have words. How...awesome, just awesome.

  5. That was just the most beautiful post. My hubby sings the same song but you described it so beautifully. I hope he reads your blog because you just gave him a beautiful gift!

  6. sweeties :-) A gentle reminder to us 16 yr-wedded couples :-D

  7. After reading your lovely post, I remembered having a copy of the following tucked away and it seemed appropriate - hope you like it:
    Eskimo Love Song

    Author Unknown

    You are my husband.
    My feet shall run because of you
    My feet shall dance because of you
    My heart shall beat because of you
    My eyes see because of you
    My mind thinks because of you
    And I shall love because of you.

  8. Beautiful.

    I think if we would stop and think about all of the ways our husbands LOVE us, and take our focus off of all the things that drive us crazy, we'd all stay in the honeymoon phase much longer.

  9. So you still hear the Flying Orchestra too!!! Isn't it beautiful? xx

  10. Oh this is gorgeous!! We've been together for 18 years & we're still the same, actually i think we're just better & better. We get teased about being in the honeymoon phase - after each deployment (5 in 13 years) but that is when many marriages fail, not strengthen. Honey, we got lucky, chose well, knew what we wanted & made it happen happily forever after. I just tell people my husband is very easy to love, he is, i tell him every day & the bit about being able to stay a housewife, uber lucky for me!! You know plain black & white statistics show military families have the highest divorce rate, for every daughter you have that increases 8%, multiple birth another 20% & my favourite - if you marry young it's another 35% - so we ended up with every single factor against us, we laugh at statistics!! Love Posie

  11. Awww how sweet that was so beautiful you are both so lucky to have found each other. Bless your hearts. Jodie xx