Thursday, March 22, 2012

Sleep - apparently it's necessary

It's like waking from a fog. Having the cobwebs brushed off, and feeling like myself again.

Peanut had a rough night, she's cutting four teeth at once. Well, really that should read I had a rough night - I was the cranky one, she was just rolling around, singing, giggling, putting on a show. She had more pizzazz than the mardi gras. She was **AWAKE!!** I tried to sleep, but since I had brought her into my bed and she spent the night purposefully rolling perilously close to the edge, and pulling my hair, it was not going well.

So, a bad night. I didn't realise what the problem had been until I brushed her teeth before bathtime. The thought of a repeat had me quaking, so I cracked open the medicine cabinet and dosed her up. Then to be on the safe side, once the kids were asleep and I had watched Dr Who (required viewing, I'm a new convert, it's really hilariously badly awesome), I took my own little self off to bed too. Eight thirty bed time - it's the new midnight.

But what about Bug? Well, she slept. And slept. And slept (and woke and fed) and slept.

And I did, too. Until 8am. Let me say that again. EIGHT IN THE MORNING!!

Holy mackerel.

Peanut woke up at 0615 on the dot, as usual, but a bowl of dry cheerios and her Human Body book* and she was set for hours.

And now, since in one fell swoop months (years?) of sleep debt have been repaid, I'm feeling human again. I have my brain back. I have my energy back.

The worst thing is that now I have the drive to do something about it, I notice how dirty some bits of my house have become. The back side of the washing machine is horrendous. I really ought to stopping rambling here and do something about it...

*it's been five months, and still no waning in her obsession with human biology. And poo. It's science!


  1. Eight thirty - it's the new midnight! I love it, and it's true for me too!

  2. Wow, if it feels that good, Im going to bed tonight at 8.30pm...instead of my usual 12.30pm.....