Saturday, March 31, 2012

We missed you, Mr A!

I think that it's quite possible my girls have been missing Mr Accident. I know I have.

He walked home yesterday from three weeks of work, lugging his pack and bag and backpack and laptop case, tired and hot. I got a message "look outside!" and I looked and looked.... and saw!

And I have no doubt the neighbors saw me, too, running down the road towards him in my bare feet and apron. There's nothing nicer than that first hug after a long absence.

The girls were still having their afternoon naps, exhausted after a busy morning of play school and play group. Mr Accident snuck into their rooms and woke them up one at a time, Bug leading.

Bug has been missing her Daddy. If she sees someone (anyone!) pass us in uniform she yells "Daddy! Daddy!" and gets cross if I don't let her run to them. (Because, obviously, running across a busy street to smooch a lady who looks like Daddy would be a good idea, and not at all unsafe or offensive to said lady... But at least it's better than trying to pin the Daddy tag on a guy walking with his wife!)

Bug and I had discussed giving Daddy a cuddle when he came home, but what with the whole just-waking-up business and being one, shyness overtook her and she buried her head in my shoulder, not his.

Peanut was another matter. Even with her sleep-flushed confusion she knew EXACTLY what was going on. She threw herself up out of bed and into his arms, and clung on like a very large, messy haired limpet. Half an hour later, she still hadn't let go, and Bug was clamouring for her turn, too. Actually, so was I!

But I had my time after they were in bed, with a glass of wine and a proper, uninterrupted in-person chat.
I HAD been missing Mr A!

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  1. I totally understand this, we'll have our moment this morning when my husband arrives home from a week away. Enjoy your time, and I hope he doesn't go away again too soon!

  2. Love the running down the street in barefeet and an apron lol Very sweet post:)

  3. I know the feeling Mrs A! Friday I get to see my other half again after 12 days.

  4. I know this feeling all too well. I recall a certain little girl here who at 6 months SCREAMED the house down when her father walked through the door. He started by taking off his beret, then his uniform. I stoped him before he got to his socks hehe! He had been away for six weeks, and the man that walked through the door was sadly a stranger to his little girl. This same little girl did not call her father 'Dad" until she was 16 months old. It broke his heart. They both however know who Dad is and we have been lucky that he has not been deployed.
    I have to fight them for first kiss every afternoon.