Wednesday, March 14, 2012


When I was a kid, I used to have a recurring dream about walking up rickety old wooden stairs into a spider infested house. I was never really frightened, instead I recall a faint whiff of resignation. I knew it was bad, I knew I was going up there, I knew there was no way around it.

Surprisingly, this hasn't particularly scarred me. I don't mind spiders, and I never saw their presence as a personal affront. If they were brazen enough to scutter in front of me in daylight, they would get squashed, and I swept their webs from the windows (well, the front windows, anyway... ) but otherwise we held an easy truce.

Until today. Peanut woke with a bite on her arm. The spiders brought the war to the Accidental Household, and made it personal. But I plan to end it.

They have been massing their interior forces for some time, probably because the backyard flooding required an exodus to higher ground. I have been squishing more daylight runners and cleaning more webs. I even cracked out the lemon oil to try and dissuade them. But now tipping point has been reached. I threw out my mostly-crunchy ideals and cracked out the bug spray. It's Total War, Accidental Style. The bedrooms are marinating in chemicals as I type. In a few minutes I'll throw open the windows, set the air conditioner to "tornado" and try to make them habitable again (for us, not the spiders).

Hopefully they're decimated and beat a hasty retreat. If not, I'm coming after the rest.

Run spiders, run!


  1. I would be interested to see the bite? If you can, my email is

    Only because little me had a bite on her cheek and her thigh that went 'bad'...we thought it was a mosquito bite but it was awful and painful...we were not sure after that if it was indeed a spider bite..she has only just now got a scar on her cheek from it...

    We did the bug spray thing too as much as I hated it...

  2. I didn't take a photo! It's gone down a lot since this morning, when she woke it was hot and red and raised, probably an area of about 4cm long and 3cm wide on her forearm, with a teeny tiny spot in the middle, which I'm assuming was the bite site. We iced it, and I tried to keep her quiet this morning (ha! Three year old? Quiet? Lol) and by nap time at 1pm it had faded to a blotchy red and the swelling had gone right down. She says it's still a little sore, but it is looking heaps better.

    Peanut responds terribly to mozzies, she gets an infected little pustule on the bite site and a huge red welt. I'm hoping it doesn't get worse as she ages :(

  3. Ah,that sounds just like what happened to little was like a chicken pox mark actually with the blister in the middle...we are all so different in this family in regards to mozzies, my husband reacts very badly where as I rarely get bitten...I am thinking that she has the same reaction as dad....
    well, I hope the bite does not cause any more pain tonight..thanks for the info...Suzanne.

  4. Mr A is the mozzie food in our house too! Meanwhile, I'm immune....

  5. Beastly spiders! When they munch on your young, get mad!