Saturday, March 17, 2012

Shhhh... It's Sunday

Have you ever stared out the window of a moving car, listening to a melancholy song, and felt like you were in a movie? (No? Ahem... well, moving right along then...)

Music exerts considerable influence on our emotions. I know most of my smallish city listen to the same radio station I do. It's the only decent one, and I see people grooving along in their cars to the same song I'm belting out in mine. But since we are all listening to and being affected by the same music, this means everyone is sharing in the same mood. Creepy thought! But I don't like the idea of the repetitive Top 40 hits from my local radio station having a say in how I feel.

And don't get me started on tv. Some shows are awesome, but the ads annoy me, always implying I need to be fitter, skinner, prettier, and own more stuff in order to be successful. It stinks.

Even my old pal the Internet can be overwhelming. So much to do! What if I miss a Facebook post? Or a particularly relevant tweet? There is fresh content on my favourite news site! Don't miss my blog! DON'T MISS OUT!!!

It all gets a bit much. It's stressful. I need some peace. I crave stillness.

So I'm having a media free day tomorrow. No tv, no radio, no newspapers or magazines, no Internet. I'm switching off, unplugging, going quiet.

It's a purposeful Accidental blackout.

I'm expecting to be a bit twitchy to start with, I like a good web fix first thing in the morning, and the girls rely on their recorded half hour of play school while I cook dinner, but I am absolutely certain that by the end of tomorrow I will feel better for having a detox.

So that's me done, I'm off! Shhhhhh....

(P.S. If you want to join in, just drop me a line. But don't expect a reply until Monday!)

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