Friday, March 16, 2012


Our playgroup last year was hard work. The mothers were nice enough, but the majority had husbands who worked together, so they socialized together outside of playgroup too. They had a very insular friendship group and it was tough to break in - I tried for a year, and still half of them couldn't remember my name! I know it's not my fault, I'm pretty gregarious and usually have no difficulty making friends, but they had no reason to exert the effort to reciprocate attention. I was left hanging in a metaphorical friendship high five.

But, as is usual in our line of work, a big exodus occured over Christmas and now we have a whole lot of new faces. And they are lovely faces! I know that they know my name because they use it as I arrive. And it is a very rare day I leave now without at least one playdate lined up for Bug or Peanut. It makes such a difference!

So much of a difference that I have volunteered to run the new Saturday playgroup that is starting up.

I have a blank slate of playgroupism. I can organize the running how I like. Outside play first, or arts and craft? Snack time before or after story time? I'm going mad with power!

So I'm on the hunt for cool playgroup inspiration. I want to make Saturday morning playgroup The Place To Be.

Got any ideas?


  1. Ah, your post has bought back many memories for me about the old playgroup days. I ended up organizing our local playgroup when buster was a new-born and the girls were not at school yet. I have a musical background and so I did some kids music with some percussion instruments and they loved it. Our dress-up box was also a life-saver for rainy days...good luck! it's LOTS of hard work, but very rewarding! (I also used this website for a lot of simple craft

  2. Playgroups can be like that...Im on my third with little m and have found a great one! Thank goodness....I am very shy though and dont make friends easily, so this one I can blend in cos its so big and we wear nametags!!!! We have a great craft activity each week...and the usual playdough, toys, dressups, singing, story....I think taking something home that you have made from playgroup is a winner....or an easy recipe that the kids can make...and take home...last week we did drawings and stamping with ink pads and then the coordinator posted them all back to the kids during the week, they got a kick out of getting a 'real' letter in the mail. This week Im on playdough duty, so I will be putting a ton of glitter into the playdough mixture...a sure winner! How about a dress up theme especially maybe for Easter coming up......wear a funny hat, or make one...its all good, have fun!!!

  3. Tea! Get the kids into tea before it's too late! ;)

  4. I'm planning on Urging a art/playgroup from home. A great website for inspiration is theartfulparent. Also checkout pintrest x