Thursday, March 8, 2012

Ten Accidental Facts

I kind of breezed right past my one hundredth post. It's somewhere back there last week, and it's probably about chickens. Never mind. I know it's usual in the blogosphere to share one hundred things about yourself at this momentous juncture, but I'm just not ready for that level of commitment... so you can have ten things, instead.

1) my fish are called Bread and Milk because Mr Accident and I went to the supermarket with the sole intent of getting bread and milk. It was all we needed, and we were clean out. We came home with two fish, a glass fish tank, a plastic model army tank, and no bread or milk at all. So we called the fish Bread and Milk.

2) my favourite joke is "there were two fish in a tank, one turned to the other and said "I'll man the guns and you drive". And that is why we bought the little army tank for our big fish tank.

3) I make carpet coloured play dough. My cousin gave me this idea. She is as wise as she is beautiful, and she is stunning. All our carpets are brown. That is not so stunning. My kids get pink and green play dough at playgroup and they think it's Christmas.

4) I am more in love now with Mr Accident than I was the day I married him. We've been together eight years this July. It just keeps getting better.

5) Mr Accident can remember the day we met. I cannot. This is a source of some embarrassment to me.

6) I made up for it by asking him out, because he was funny, and because he had the nicest, smiliest, bluest eyes I had ever seen. That is, until I saw the amazing eyes he gave our daughters.

7) I drive a Jeep. It's maroon. I have a coat, heels and wallet to match. No matter how recently I tidied and vacuumed it out, there is always a strata of discarded hats, toys and coats littering the floor in the back seat, interspersed with old corn crackers. I swear they crawl in there themselves overnight.

8) I don't feel right in the morning until I've made the bed. WITH the throw pillows, thank you.

9) I very rarely run late. I get nervous if I am late and worried if others are late. I am trying to relax about this, but being five minutes early for everything was ingrained into me for ten years, and it's not something I can easily shake.

10) I love high heeled shoes, but I wear my black converse low tops the vast majority of the time. This is soley because Bug is a runner. I'm hoping that once she starts to pay attention to frenzied arm waving and shouting, I will have to run less and I can dress up more. I will probably change my mind about this when I remember how uncomfortable my high heeled shoes actually are.

So that's me in a nutshell ("Help, help! I in a nutshell! - name that movie).

Right now Peanut is pulling Bug down the corridor on her tummy, by her arms. It's all fun now, but I'm off to intervene before someone loses a limb. See you all tomorrow!


  1. Yes, the saying goes in our house, its all fun and games until someone loses an eye......or a limb...?
    Have a great day....

  2. I'm with you on most, especially 5 and 10. I have the converse one stars in multiple colors. And Yasha and I have a running joke about our anniversary. I forget until he wishes me a happy anniversary. For our 8th he even took me out to dinner and was grinning like a cat when he surprised me with anniversary wishes on the walk home around 10pm.