Tuesday, March 27, 2012

On chooks, hair and sooking

I've put in a vegetable garden. It may well be the world's smallest in-ground veggie patch. I don't think it would even be half a metre square, yet I've managed to cram in onions, carrots and some marigolds as a companion plant. I'm expecting some very miniature vegetables, or else some kind of carrot - onion hybrid to develop. I shall call it a carrion... or not! Gross!

I'm trying to teach Archibald to round up the chickens at the end of the day. He is trying very hard, but his learning is thwarted by Bug and Peanut "helping". They race around after the poor chickens, flailing their arms and squealing. The hens are no doubt severly traumitised by this, so I am not expecting them to start laying until Christmas. Poor chooks. Can a chicken get a psychologist? I'll have to look into that.

I've let the ball drop on washing my hair with bicarb soda. I was all for it, and thought my hair was looking fine, until I was in a blind rush one day. I gave in and washed my hair with normal shampoo and conditioner. And blow me down if it didn't come out the softest, silkiest, shiniest and most manageable it has ever been. So now I think I'll go crunchy for normal days, and use the bought stuff for special occasions. I will just have to try and remind myself that "washing my hair" or "Tuesday" or "playgroup" doesn't count as special. And before you try to convince me to use the bought stuff every day because every day is special (cause I know that, I really do) I think it worked so well because I used the bicarb before it. So I have to bake my cake in order to eat it, and put up with occasional bicarb days. (Hair aside, the oil cleansing method for my face is still working a treat. Hooray!)

In other news, I'm having a sook because:

a) there is a big bloggy conference on in Melbourne this week and I'm not going, even though it seems like every other Australian who owns a computer will be there. (If you're not going either, let me know, we can form a splinter group and sit around at home eating bonbons and pretending that we don't care what the cool kids are doing.) Although my not going is actually kind of a silver lining, because no doubt I would come across as a creepy stalker, knowing all these people and them having no idea that me or my tiny blog actually exist. That would have been awkward!

b) Mr A is away. This would be ok, but rather than doing it tough out field like normal he keeps messaging me about the latest pub he's visited or the cool movie they are about to see. Meanwhile, I'm rocking a whinging Bug (who is cutting four new teeth) and telling Peanut to put her pants back on. It's heinously unbalanced.

c) my back is keeeeeling me. Three years of ungracefully lifting two hefty children, and it has had enough and is finally making me pay. I am considering amputation at the neck, but Mr A might miss my nice... legs. I have an appointment with an osteopath next week. Has anyone been to one? Did it work or was it just expensive quackery? Even if it does walk like a duck, it's a health fund covered duck, so I figure it's worth a shot.

d) there is no d. My life is not that bad, actually. I really should put my big girl pants on and stop sooking. I'm loved, fed, warm and happy, I have great kids and some very funny chickens. Who can be sad when they have chickens?


  1. Ooh, please do share some of your favorite Aussie bloggers. I'm mourning missing out on Blogher, the big American conference where I would be able to gawk at all the people whose blogs I read. It's not too bad to be the girl the important people don't want to talk to, especially when you go with a good friend and you're in New York. That's how I imagine the Melbourne conference to be as well. Maybe next year?

  2. I love you, and that is all. I wish we lived closer! You're hilarious, and when you write, it sounds like you and I would get along well.

    I hadn't heard about the bloggy conference, and would be MORE THAN HAPPY to join your splinter group! Wahoo!

  3. A splinter group?? hey!! I think you might be on to something :)

  4. I didn't even know they have bloggy conferences??? But then I dont even get to watch the news, so how would I know these things exist...after lugging three children around it only takes a wonky trolley for me to push and my back has had it...I really feel for you if your back is that bad, as a sore back is just the absolute pits.......I use a chiro, and should exercise more..., actually, I should exercise to begin with...good luck with getting the pants back on, teeth and a pain free back.......

  5. Oooh, COULD you swing a posting to our area? Cos clearly, it's all about ME!! You know where we are, right? There's a base to the north of our city :-)

  6. Osteopaths are the best! Yes, the ones who truly practice "manipulation" can be a bit quacky, but they are so successful! I used to work at an osteopathic hospital in Fort Worth and we had a school affiliated with the hospital. I was always happy to go to their clinic and get a treatment for nothing. Anyway, they are great and I hope you have a great experience after all of my gushing or I will just look lame!

  7. First of all, let me just say that I love the way you write :) Witty, humorous, and it feels like you're sitting right there in front of me... I can almost hear your voice, even if I have no idea what it really sounds like lol.

    I'm totally washing my hair with bicarb soda for about a month now and I love it! I really didn't think I would but it's really growing on me :) The hubby will have nothing to do with it though so I'm still working on him :-/

    Good luck with the teeth! Yikes, four at once! Poor little Bug! Mine is cutting his top 2 and just discovered how to grind them against the bottom ones - yay for me! ... NOT! It's the most irritating sound ever.

    Looking forward to following your tiny garden :) Which reminds me, I've got to get to work on mine!

  8. Wait, what?! There's a web geek convention and I didn't know about it (though not going seems to be normal :\)

    How are the chickens Mrs A?

  9. It's the Digital Parents conference... mummy bloggers, basically. Probably your current idea of the seven levels of hell. ;)

    But in a couple of years, maybe we can go together. I hear "The kids of Qvack" is going to be huge!

  10. I can very much relate to this post and not just because I love chooks too :) I have a bad back and it has been exaserbated (don't misread that or judge me if that is totally not spelt right) by having two kids. I am often in a lot of pain too and I swear by osteopaths...would never see anyone else about it. I do yoga as well, so if you do and have been setting it aside because life is full on, get back to it! My husband is away a lot too and not always for serious stuff that makes me feel like I'm not missing out (actually even if it is for training or something the fact he is staying in a hotel with a whole bed, no tank water so long showers and fast food near by is enough to have me sulking). You are totally allow to feel sulky about it :) TC

  11. Yep! I see an osteopath regularly! Thanks to having 2 kids!! I think that's where all of her clients come from - the maternity ward straight to her office!!
    Hi, I'm Kristy! I made my way over via Rhonda. Nice to meet you :)