Monday, May 7, 2012

Welcome Panzer!

Oh hai!

My name is Panzer.

Or Pansy.

Or Pan.

Or poppet or puppy or pupples...

I'm not sure, actually. It's a bit confusing.

(Mum calls me a one pound puppy in two pounds worth of skin. I think she's teasing.) 

But I do like my new house...

...and my new garden...

...and my new people! 

And my people adore me. 

They give me snuggles. I need them. Right now the world is big and scary. 

My big, tough husband with his big, tough bulldog. And a quilt.

Also, tiles. Tiles are big and scary. 

And don't get me started on chickens!

But soon, I'll be big and scary too.

30 solid kilos of big and scary.

Watch out, world!


  1. Holy adorableness. I could so use some snuggle time with that pup right now; I wish we lived in the same time. Enjoy his cuteness and please post often with pictures of the wrinkly puppy body.

  2. Same town, I mean...stupid autocorrect.

    1. Well, you just give me a yell when you travel through (I'm sure you will sometime!) We can do puppy snuggles, and I'll show you the best park for the boys to stick their necks out in :)

  3. Welcome Panzer! I hope you settle in quickly to your new situation. And grow into your skin. ;)

  4. Oh my, I think my cuteness detector just exploded. His little rolls! The big eyes! Snuggling under a rug! So CUTE. *fans self*

  5. OH look at that face, love me, beautiful. Nothing funnier than a puppy sliding across tiles, chickens, um, trying to get our German Shepherd to calm down about the chickens!! We'll all learn together.
    That is one puppy you can totally love, love rolls & all, love Posie

    1. We didn't get our chickens until our Shep had passed, but I did love the photo of yours alerting at your little chicks. She looks gorgeous!

  6. Oh my God panzer is absolutely gorgeous she's going to be a big girl and don't ya just love that puppy smell. Hope she settles in nicely for u. Jodie x

    1. How are you feeling Jodie? Getting over the tonsillitis? Xox

    2. Turned out to be farringitis doc gave me some antibiotics. I'm touched that you asked thank-you xxxoooo

  7. I swear I get clucky for puppies more than I do babies....

    I just wanna sit and go BAWWWWW. Makes me remeber the early puppy days of my chocolate lab... Hard work but sooo cute.

    Enjoy her while she's squeezable

  8. She is made of cuteness! I can imagine her running around those rugby ovals like a maniac in no time! (and finding puddles of manky water in the ditches like Dora and Brutus used to do!)

  9. OMG. Cute.
    I want a puppy too... (It's a work in progress. SJ keeps saying 'no', but I'm determined to wear him down!)