Friday, May 11, 2012

Sharing the love

Apparently I'm a "Kreative Blogger". As a firm opponent to kreatively sppeld wurds (and names!) I'm kind of hoping this award is not a comment on my spelin skilz! I received the award from the very lovely Sarah at Nature's Nurture, and I'm honoured, and very chuffed. I love that people like to read what I write!

So, the rules...  Share seven things about myself, and nominate seven other blogs.

Seven things about me? I suppose after skipping out on the 100th post list, I can manage seven here:

1) I am an only child. This makes me feel hopelessly under-prepared to parent siblings. I make up for it by reading copious how-to books, then disregarding 90% of the advice. So far, this approach is working.

Phone cameras. Blurring priceless moments since 1997
2) I like to walk up hills for exercise. I then take photos of the kids sitting up the top of the hill and send them to Mr Accident so he can complement me on my hard work, but so I don't look like I'm bragging. He sees straight though me. 

3) I think my fish is bored. I'm very glad that my work here at home is so relaxed that I have the excess mental capacity to worry about such trivial matters. (Not that this matter is trivial to Mr Fish.) I would buy him another friend but he kills them off. Perhaps he is a fish psychopath, and I should worry about that instead.

4) I occasionally wear "tummy trimmer" jeans. They do NOT trim my tummy - they just push it three inches higher. It looks weird. But at least my bum doesn't sneak out the back when I bend over, like it tries to in normal height pants. I'm undecided which is the lesser of the two evils.

5) I used to be a Brownie, then a Guide and Venturer. It was the highlight of my childhood. I hope my girls will want to join too. I swapped from Guides to Scouts at 14 because Ranger Guides looked lame. They were singing round campfires while the Venturers were paint balling. Also, boys. Boys!

6) Panzer ate all the flowers in my courtyard and shat on a library book, and the chickens scratched under the fence and escaped to next door. Animal husbandry makes me swear with quiet enthusiasm.

7) Once I was calling drill on a parade, and the SAS Major sitting behind my mum said "wow, that chick's got serious balls." I don't think I've ever seen my mum more proud. I'm still not sure if he considered it ballsy for a "chick" to try and call drill, or if I was doing a good job. I choose to believe the latter...

And seven worthy bloggers, all chosen from my followers so I can share the love:

1) Keifer Cottage - She describes herself as "A brilliant, beautiful, and talented woman, blessed with a good-looking, hard-working, yet tragically simple husband, raising the fruit of her fertile loins while desperately striving to transform a 1940's bungalow into her dream home." She makes me giggle.

2) Michelle Gills  - I'm not religious, but I do enjoy reading what she has to say.

3) Haak-en-stekie - Stel's a South African crafter, who kindly writes her whole blog bilingually. I love reading about people living similar lives in other countries. It makes me feel very connected.

4) Mealy and I - my IRL friend Kylie. Her knitting is incredible! She inspires me.

5) Living the Gentle Life - I want her gumboots! I have serious gumboots envy this winter. Plain black just isn't doing it for me.

6) Imogen Eve - Flowers, books, babies.... lovely.

7) Out Back - Tania's photos of her outback home bring back my long buried childhood memories. Saltbush, spinifex... and epic burns!

Congratulations, Kreative Bloggers. Now share the love by linking back here, sharing seven facts about you, and picking out seven other people. I look forward to seeing who you chose!


  1. Congratulations! Or, for extra creativity points, Krongratulamations (terrible I know, it's early)!

    Only child here too. Sometimes when G tells me about growing up with his sister I feel like I'm hearing about a foreign country. An interesting country but very different to mine.

    1. Ha! WIN!

      Do you think you will take Tiny J to that land?

  2. Congratulations! I laughed at some of these facts. I totally love those tummy flattening pants too. What an adorable photo of your girls.

  3. Congrats:) I love getting to know blogs through these awards - I'm off to check out the links....and I had a small mirror in my fish tank and my one, very aggressive, gold fish never got bored (due to his ridiculously short memory) of meeting a new friend who didn't die when he attacked it :)

  4. Congratulations!! I also loathe words like "kids" & i never use the expression kids either, so it's a double shudder for me. I must accept your last award properly, thank so much!!
    Oh & Kylie says she's catching up with you in June, yay, have fun ladies. Love Posie

  5. I can proudly say I was a sixer in the Woorails and proud of it...Brown Owl was my idol for quite a few years...I still try to do my best and do a good deed everyday.......... :)

    1. I was Sixer of the Moora Mooras! I thought our toadstool was amazing, but it was really just a paper mâché lid on a plastic stool. I had begged Mum for YEARS to join (she was a Guide leader, and let me join the second I wad old enough) and it was everything I had dreamed it would be :)

    2. I loved it too, my sister used to make me wild by calling my beloved Brown Owl...wait for it...'Brown Eye'...and I would get very, very upset.....I did love my beret.....which was also kindly referred to as a cow pat by my sister also...such grand memories....

  6. After almost a fortnight of being absent from blogland, I just wanted to say how lovely it is to be back reading your blog. Today was really quite dull until I logged in. Cheers for that. :)
    Have a lovely weekend!

    1. Thanks, Sorcha! That is incredibly kind of you to say! I'm touched.
      I hope you have a lovely weekend too :)

  7. Congrats on the award, would have loved to see you in action the look on your mums face would have been priceless. Have a gr8 weekend and a relaxing and happy mothers day xx Jodie

    1. Happy mother's day to you too! I hope you get a bit of a sleep in...

  8. Oh thank you Mrs Accidental! (from another one ;-)
    It is always nice to hear about new blogs this way, afraid my blog reading list is getting longer than my book reading list...

  9. Thanks for the blog love!

    I've got some tummy control pants and by lunch time, I hear my internal organs screaming, "PLEASE HELP US! WE ARE BEING CRUSHED!"

  10. Sorry I'm a bit slow to respond Mrs Accident, but thank you for bestowing the Kreativ Award on me. I've never received blog-love before, you made my heart started fluttering!

    PS Did you notice that you partially corrected the spelling of Kreativ by adding the 'e' on the end? Don't blame you there, it can be like chinese whispers and eventually it'll be the Creative Blogger award.