Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Panzer Count Down

We're in the middle of a puppy count down.

Mr Accident is beside himself. He wants his best mate to arrive. Yesterday, preferably. He's convinced they are going to be a tremendous team. 

At random times during the day he will go quiet and look thoughtful, then suddenly come out with a nugget of puppy-training wisdom that he has been mulling over. (I just wish more of his wisdom concerned actual puppy-nuggets, rather than the varieties of humorous tricks he's planning on teaching her.) 

Look how much she's grown!

Such a sweet, chubby baby.
Those eyes! That nose! 
 Only 3 sleeps* to go! 

(*Or in my case, probably about 12 sleeps. Bug has decided she needs me multiple times a night. I'm hoping this is a very brief phase, but it's seriously messing with my mental capabilities. Hopefully this post isn't too muddled! And hopefully my sleep and brain return to normal tonight.)


  1. Does this mean we'll have a couple of furry visitors next weekend in addition to your lovely self + the girls? ;)

  2. OMG she is sooooo cute and hell yeh if wants her so bad he should deal with all her little mess's! Hope your little one settles down for you soon its not nice trying to function on broken sleep. Good luck Jodie xx

  3. Puppies are cuddly. Puppies are cute...They're never nasty or mean....Do you know Veggie Tales? That song is hilarious. And terrible. But, alas it makes me chuckle.

    However, puppies are cuddly, cute and destructive! But I THINK they are worth it. I'm still debating about ours. Have fun!

  4. I saw this today and thought of your 'nearly there' puppy:-

    A man may smile and bid you hail

    Yet wish you to the devil;

    But when a good dog wags his tail,

    You know he's on the level.

    - Author Unknown

    Enjoy your new little Accident!

  5. Too Cute! Our beautiful dog passed away 2 years ago, and we are just starting to turn our thoughts towards getting another, we are hoping to acquire a minature bull terrier from an acquaintance that lives nearby, the only problem...she isn't even up the duff yet! Waiting patiently...

  6. I think I just fainted from the cuteness. Adorable. I would love to get a puppy but have to be satisfied with chickens for now. They're cute in their own way but they're not puppy cute.

    I hope Bug's waking phase is a brief one and you got some sleep last night. I know all too well how brain-deadening the multiple wake-ups are. I consider myself lucky if I only get woken up twice in the night & I'm resigned to having a severe case of baby brain for the forseeable future. Your post didn't sound muddled at all. I'm envious. Some days it's a miracle I can remember how to put my pants on.

  7. Wishing you sleep and relief from the prospective cuteness.

    From time to time I think about adding another dog to our household and then I remember the training we had to put into the LBD before he could become what he is.

  8. Replies
    1. Mate, you should see the photos of her now, she's MASSIVE. Archie's in for a rude shock. I'll post more photos when we get her tonight...