Friday, April 27, 2012

The Trampoline

Peanut and Bug are having a bounce,
Leaping and crashing enormous amounts,
And as I sit listening, feet on the dog,
It occurs to me Peanut is being a frog,
And Bug is a rabbit, and bouncing around,
Is making a kind of a rabbitty sound,
Which because she is one and only just hatched
"Wabbit wabbit" is all of the sound I can catch.
Peanut says "ribbet" at the top of each hop,
And together they bounce, and bounce without stop.
With "wabbits" and "ribbets" they both sound the same,
Convinced they are playing the same exact game,
Both happy as rabbits and frogs in the sun,
My Peanut, who's three, and my Bug, only one.


  1. Aww you are so clever. I can just see them bopping around. Wish our tramp would hurry up and get here!!!

  2. Who knew trampolines are such and inspiriation? ;)

  3. Very clever Mrs A, very clever indeed:-)

  4. Dear 'Little Accidents' having great fun,
    Peanut who's three and Bug who is one,
    Accident parents making a home,
    Give me the chance to make up a 'pome'!

  5. Oh yes very clever indeed I must say! You did well! :)
    Thanks for dropping by my blog and leaving your lovely comment. Always lovely to get visitors! :)

  6. How sweet. I can't wait till my two start playing together.

    1. They play together nicely 90% of the time. Except when they are sick. Then it's attempted murder, sun up to sun down. But when it's good... It's very, very good. Nothing better :)