Monday, April 9, 2012

Everyone's a winner, baby! (Well, maybe)

Well looky here, I won a Leibster!

The Leibster is awarded to blogs with fewer than 200 followers, who are "beloved or darling".

Now, I could be cynical...

{I've done the maths. If, from a single point of origin, each Leibster recipient pings the five other blogs they are supposed to, and assuming none are tardy and do it the day after receipt, that means within just two weeks 6,103,515,625 blogs will be Leibstered.

That looks like a lot, hey? And it is, especially if you consider the population of the whole world, including the non-computer literate bits, was 6,840,507,003 in 2010. So basically, everyone's going to have one by tomorrow.}

...but I won't! Because what it comes down to is this. Someone liked my blog enough to be bothered Leibstering me, and that's awesome. (Thanks Trish from Living The Gentle Life!)

And it also gives me a chance to shout out to five other bloggers who I reckon take the bloggy cake, and that's awesome too.

I hereby award a Leibster to *drumroll please*

Killing A Fly With A Ukelele Is Probably The Wrong Thing To Do!! (She's funny - REALLY funny. And she's having a baby!)

Enchanted Moments!! (Sweet, slow living. I wish she lived over my back fence. We'd get on well.)

The Adventures Of Annie And Her Boys!! (a US expat and her boys, obviously, who goes to some lovely places in my wide brown land, then writes about it. And her boys. Obviously.)

RoarSweetly!! (she only started in January, but it's already a polished production) and....

Nature's Nurture!! (she has some seriously excellent green cleaning tips. Make your own spray oil? Yes you can!)

I also want to give a special mention to Armagnac, who would probably think this whole Leibster award thing is a crock, and who I assume would NEVER put the button on his blog, but is still an amazing writer and has the best Daddy-lefty-political blog I know. (No, it's not Mr A you heretical gossips, he's too busy saving the world to blog.)

To my winners - get in quick to award your Leibsters on to another five un-Leibstered blogs, the pool is drying up! (And stick the award pic on your blog, then link back to me here too, it's the rules, man.)

And to those who missed out and are stoking the fires of jealousy... don't worry, give it two weeks and I reckon you'll probably get one too ;)


  1. Ooh, thanks! I am honoured, and I also learned a new verb today! Liebster. Nice! Thankyou so much for liking my blog - I've been posting less frequently these days due to apathy and a lack of material, but I know it will always be there when I want it! I'm only sad that I can't liebster you back.

  2. Oooh! Thanks so much, Mrs. A! I'm truly honoured :) I agree with Givinya, and wish I could award one back to you, but alas, I must now pay it forward to 5 other friends. Thanks again and looking forward to checking out the other winners' blogs!

  3. Thank you so much! It's very encouraging and I feel a whole new burst of energy for writing posts. I love your statistical analysis's great for keeping my rampant ego in check!

  4. I just returned from a nearly two-week long camping internet abyss and was so touched by this--thank you! I shall now sit back and watch the hordes of new followers on my blog--ha! :)