Thursday, April 12, 2012

Flowers, flowers and pie

What's been going on here? Well, not all that much, which is lovely. 

I planted some pansies out the front to welcome Panzer Pansy, the new puppy, home. Mr Accident hasn't tweaked to the significance yet, but he reads my blog, so he will shortly.... 

And here are some beautiful tulips, from Mr A. I love that he buys me flowers for no reason. Unfortunately these *did* have a reason, but not a particularly serious one. To be honest, a dandylion would have put him back in my good books. He's a keeper, that man.

Note the wee little bunny hiding underneath. He was a present to myself about six months ago, and he's a cutie. If you find something that will cheer you up every time you see it, and it costs pin money, I suggest you buy it! 

I've been busy in the kitchen. I have an apple slinky machine, and it really speeds me up when I'm preparing apples for cooking. Quite possibly it would also work on potatoes, but I haven't given it a whirl yet. This particular batch of apples became apple sauce, for last night's roast pork, an apple pie for afters, and the rest was mixed with some spectacularly sour blueberries for stewed fruit for my morning cereal. Delicious!

So spill - what's the WORST flower-worthy stunt your other half has pulled??  Remember, Comment of the Week is still up for grabs.... ;)


  1. Well, the worst flower worthy stunt was actually to do with flowers.

    The scene: The first Valentines Day since our Wedding. My Beloved arrives home from work with a single, beautiful, red rose. So romantic and classic.

    Then he says, "I wasn't certain what to do, so I told the lady in the shop that my wife doesn't give me much money, and asked what I could get for this..."

    Bless 'im.

    1. It's the thought that counts.... Right? RIGHT?? ahem.

  2. Cool! you've just inspired me to get one of those apple slinky machines....bring on the home made apple pie!!

    1. I fond mine at one of the Fyshwick DFO homemaker stores...

  3. The most beautiful flowers I ever got from my wonderful husband were given after a discussion we had regarding whether we would keep his air compressor in the bedroom, or the garage. Not a little air compressor. A bright red, five foot tall air compressor cheerfully accessorized with lots of fluorescent yellow spiral air hoses. And a large black electric motor to actually compress the air (noisily).

    "Urm. Why is your air compressor in the bedroom?"
    "Because you bought it for me. Isn't it lovely?"
    "Yes, but I thought you'd keep it in the garage."
    "But it's new!"
    "Yes... What did you want it for again?"
    "Mostly filling up the car tires."
    "How will you get the car up the stairs?"
    "I think the hoses will reach."
    "I'd really like it better in the garage."
    "But it's new!!"
    "Will it still be new tomorrow? Can it live in the garage then?"
    "But you bought it for me!"
    "For you to keep in the garage."
    "But I like it in the bedroom!"
    "I could probably take it back..."

    After consulting with a friend at work the next day, he arrived home with an exquisitely beautiful flower arrangement, and the air compressor has resided happily in the garage ever since.

    1. Can someone please explain to me why husbands will listen to friends-full-of-common-sense, but not wives-doling-out-the-same-common-sense?

      Also, thank god for sensible friends.

  4. Oh I love Jen's story :p

  5. I don't get many flowers (you know my husband:)
    The ones I remember are special though - the one's sent on deployment and the bunch that arrived at work on a birthday (in 15 years together I have managed him home for one birthday)
    The bunch that I remember the most are the bunch that I was given at the airport with a little box tied to them with a pair of earrings. It was the day before our wedding and he was off to sit the board for entry to Duntroon. That was the start of our moving the coutryside life together. He came back and was there for me to walk down the isle to and marry:) I wore the earrings and the flowers were on display for all to see in the church.