Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Autumn Leaves part deux

Hey Blogger!!! You suck!! Where's my draft post gone?!

{Now I have that out of my system, let's get on with the show...}

Autumn. I love it.

Especially when Spring was lackluster and Summer was non-existent.

We live in an area with heaps of European trees, and they put on a spectacular show. (For my non-antipodean readers, Australian native trees in Autumn look an awful lot like Australian native trees in Winter and Summer - green and dry. It's beautiful but boring.) 

I was inspired by the cooler weather and tried to make a chicken soup with last night's left over roast carcass. It was a total, utter failure. 

Note to self: don't add lemon. 

Especially not with the rind on. 

Even if it's already been baked in the chicken. 

Even if you think it will go well with the ginger you added to make an asian hot and sour soup. 

Just. Don't. 

Mr Accident pulled a face when he tasted it. That's saying something, he's eaten some horrendous foods. Some cooked in Iraq-i-stan by the locals, but most cooked by me. 

This is our local pond. I need to keep the kids at a safe distance on the cooler days because Peanut will be knee deep in the water at the slightest provocation. 

Bug needs no provocation whatsoever. 

That kid is drawn to water, I hope it translates into some serious swimming ability. (But then I might need to wake up early to take her to squads... Must be careful what I wish for!)

 I'm so glad Bug is old enough to play in the leaves this time. Remember last year? Gosh she's grown. Changing seasons always make me a wee bit nostalgic.

Oh well, time to get out the couch quilts and switch on the lamps. Next stop... Winter!


  1. Oh gorgeous photos, I love the colours. These are making me miss Canberra seasons. We don't get real Autumn in soggy Sydney.

  2. changing leaves are very pretty, but Bug is so cute.

    1. Compliment my child and I'll be on your team for life.

      Sometimes I think it's just me, that I'm hopelessly biased and she might actually be the ugliest child in creation but I'm just blinded by genetics.

      So thank you!

  3. I'm loving the autumn leaves too...but the school holiday weather at the moment....not so much. I just love the photo of your little cutie playing in the leaves. That is such a wonderful part of childhood down here in Canberra!

  4. Love the beutifull photos and yes your little girl is a cutie its not just you. We have some trees like these but no where near as spectacular as these photos. What a shame about the soup that's a shame. Better luck next time. Jodie from Adelaide

  5. Oh your Autumn spread is much more impressive than ours, and i thought ours was pretty darn good.

    PS thought I should actually comment so I feel less like a stalker :)


    1. You can stalk me any day, gorgeous!

      But I like it much more when you comment :)


  6. I love these colours. When we lived in the city we used to travel to the heritage towns in the hills where all the settlers planted their European deciduous trees, so we could admire the colours and pretend it was autumn someplace else. So pretty.

  7. They are beautiful photos! Autumn hasn't really hit in Brisbane yet but now I can't wait. Rachel x

  8. Just beautiful! I love how much kids love playing in the crunchy leaves. I think Melbourne has decided to skip autumn after today and move directly into winter. So disappointing.

  9. Yep, part of Blogger's recent overhaul is to eat draft posts. I think a rival, perhaps an employee at Wordpress, did it to make us all so angry we'd switch.

    Love your pictures! What a little cutie that is in the last pic!