Monday, April 16, 2012

The profane seamstress

I used my patented, wholly original, Mrs Accidental "Shhhh Sunday" to try and learn to knit.

Thank the licorice for YouTube. A video for casting on, a video for knitting and a video for purling, and I'm good to go. I just hope I can find one for casting off when the time comes.

Unfortunately, I won't know when that is, because I'm not using a pattern. I'm just kind of going with the vibe and figuring I would learn the basics one at a time first. This, however, makes for an interesting and entirely useless sample. So far it's half garter stitch and half moss stitch, with twenty five stitches on some rows, then, unaccountably, thirty one stitches just a few rows later.

What is going on??? Some casting-on-stitch-fairy is sneaking into my knitting and making it wider. It also has holes. Many holes. I showed Peanut and she blamed a mouse, so I shall too. Blasted mice and fairies, messing with my knitting!

I'm such a knitting newbie I needed to label the needles to remember
which side to knit and which to purl. You know, until I
realised that the sides look completely, utterly different. 

I'm also making an apron for an internet swap. It's quite challenging because the lovely lady it is destined for is slightly wider than the average pattern, so I'm winging it here, too.

The seam ripper and I are getting well acquainted. I probably shouldn't start all my sewing projects so late at night, it messes with my common sense and problem solving and makes everything just a wee bit harder.

Poor Mr A is regularly treated to a stream of colourful profanities floating out of the sewing room and bluing the air, totally ruining my attempt to feel like a competent and creative domestic goddess. Oh well, time and practice, people, time and practice....

What did you do with your Sunday?


  1. As I started to read this post, I kept thinking "profound" instead of "profane."

    However, I must say if I endeavored to sew at all the entire house would be blue from all of my swearing.

  2. Knitting, shmitting......I will never conquer the knitting...and blogs that are full of knitting this and knitting that , wonderful creations for neck, child and tea pot make me want to lean in and slap them.............well,not hard, but you know.....I just dont get it, neither crocheting,and I would dearly love to crochet being such a nana that I am............I have had lessons from the elderly even, pro crocheters...( is that a word) but to no avail, I just CANT DO IT.......good luck with your knitting, but dont get too good at it and putting pictures up of fingerless mittens you knitted between breakfast and lunchtime, or I shall have to lean in on you too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Fear not, dear Suzanne! That day will never, ever come. But I can't promise I won't share my first ever finished square dishcloth. Watch out for it, coming soon in 2045.... Ha!

    2. llloolllo, thank goodness, I thought you may have had it done by 2039.....

  3. Aah, yes. The knitting mice. I know those all-too-well. ;)

  4. Hehe, you have done well:) I was telling my dear husband that you had taken up the needles. His response "I need to get you to Mrs A. She is a lot of things, but a knitter she is not"
    You can wash his face with it when next you see him:)
    PS. And don't worry, he told me that I was not a knitter when I started, now look at me.

    1. He knows me too well!! You just tell him I'm pretty good at knitting for a... for a.... Signals officer. ;)

      But he is right, you do need to come and visit! I told my mum you made seventeen scarves in a year, she was so impressed. More so when I showed her your other work!

      (if anyone wants to see some seriously amazing knitting, check out Kylie's blog. Not you, Suz, obviously, but anyone else... )

  5. Sunday, Sunday... that was yesterday?

    Oh yes, I read a "William" book. You have to love the adventures of a 1920s schoolboy!

  6. I'll share some photos with you on fb - my Nana has just recently moved into a retirement village and when going through her sewing stuff, mum came across a vintage Singer knitting machine! For someone like me who has tried (and failed) numerous times to knit, it looks like a godsend! It's huge! My sister also spins her own yarn so if you're ever in Melbourne.. ;)

  7. Looks like your on the right path there Mrs A. I have dabbled in knitting and crocheting on and off for years but never completed anything. Intact I started to croche a rug for my first born and that was 10yrs ago, I realy should learn to finish things but don't have the time and patients maybe when I'm older. Picked up Rohndas book on Sat been enjoying that and Sun I spent a good 3 hrs vaccuming and washing my car with the 3 kids (was long over due and very dirty) nice to drive a clean car again. Love reading your blog too by the way, you make me laugh keep up the good work. Jodie from Adelaide xx

  8. I never curse so much as when I'm sitting down at my sewing machine. It is a vindictive little thing that I bought at a garage sale five years ago. It only works with expensive thread and if I say a prayer to the crafting gods beforehand. Despite this I find crafting very relaxing,though my husband would probably disagree.

  9. I'm learning to knit too!!!!

    I can do knit stitch, purl stitch therefore I can stocking stitch I can cast on and off and do ribbing too... Ribbing can be a bit tricky...

    I'm attempting my first project which is a sailor doll for my husband who is currently overseas with the NZ navy... He's a PWO in training (you'll get the acronyms)

    So I can relate to the frustration that can be knitting :)

    1. I tried to rib. I stuffed it so hard I had to undo everything!! I didn't know how to recover :(

      I'd love to see a pic of your doll