Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Beached as

There's nothing nicer than sneaking away for a couple of midweek days, and heading to the beach.

It could have sucked. It almost did. Peanut didn't travel well on the journey there, and the car still has a fragrant waft to it almost a week later. The house was freezing - a fibro cottage perched on the cliff top and buffeted by the overcast weather rolling in across the bay. And Mr Accident was feeling off colour, just enough to not want to exercise, which is always a sign of sickness in dogs and thus can clearly be applied to husbands, too.

But actually? It didn't suck. It was spectacular.

It was too cold to swim, but knees-deep paddling was enough for the girls. They discarded their shoes, then eventually their jackets and pants, chasing the wavelets half dressed and squealing. Archie played for a while, but then ventured out onto the rock platform. He was peering down into the waves when the waves decided to come up for a look themselves. I don't think I've ever seen the old lad run so fast. His nose was thoroughly dunked. 

We sandcastled and kite-flew, we fish-and-chipped and swung-in-the-park. There was a trip to the local zoo (Peanut rode a pony!) and the gold mining village (I was chased by a duck). There was ice cream eaten late at night in a shop, the flavour carefully chosen by a small girl with sticky fingers poking from a warm jacket, excited about being out after the streetlights were on. Special treats.

That dog would follow her anywhere.
Besides, Mr A rallied and is now recovering, we eventually found the heater for the house, and that smell in the car will fade eventually, right?  (Oh please, tell me it fades!)


  1. poor peanut...eww, spew....its the crevices....whoever designed carseats did not think of crevices....that spew can hide from view...only to still phew.....after a couple of weeks or a few....Middle m cried and cried on one trip we took, her first away which took a few hours...so I gave her lollies....lollies I tell you..why or why, I have done some silly things in my mothering life and lollies was one of the silliest.........a street away from our destination, out came the lollies...very colourful, but still smelling like spew.

  2. Chased by a duck! LOL, poor you.

    It's been years since I've had that particular car smell. I think it took a fortnight to go. And now I have a hand held carpet cleaner, which is my favourite appliance EVER.

  3. From bitter experience, can I advise you to check the car air vents....:) Sounds like a fabulous time. There is nothing quite like the sea air to renew the spirit!

  4. Sounds like a great getaway (you know, minus the vomity car but swings and roundabouts and all that). A fibro cottage on a clifftop would be fantastic right now.

  5. Sounds like u had a gr8 time eventually! As for the smell try sprinkling bicarb over the area and vacuuming it up it soaks up odors. I had to do this in hubbies car when the lid came of a few days old orange juice bottle that had some oj left in it disgusting smell. I also put a cheap brand pkt of fabric softner in under the seat for a couple of days that helped. Would so love to be able to go away for a few days, I'm very jealous. Jodie

    1. Now that is a very good idea. The car currently reeks of vanilla carpet spray, which I'm not sure is any better than the original stench. Hopefully this will fix them both!

  6. Love hearing what you're up to - this sounded great! Loved "...which is always a sign of sickness in dogs and thus can clearly be applied to husbands, too" - that was genius.