Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Accidental Builders - now open for business

We have a new construction in our back yard.

Critics are calling it "the architectural development of the decade" and "surprisingly complex" and "a heartwarming tale of loss and redemption".

I call it "a whole lot of junk". But it is doing a great job of keeping the chickens off the veggie patch, while still leaving room to swing a hammock.

There's chicken wire, a stake, an old gate, some bamboo poles, and the canes from the old dried sunflowers in there.

In other news.... I can't paint my toe nails anymore. The chickens chase them, and peck them, and it hurts!

Also, The Old Milk Can has won Comment of the Week for this gem:

"I give up trying to keep the floors clean after a while...I'm so sure as soon as I clean up the house goes off and rolls in something nasty!"

Ha! I know just how she feels. Thank god Mr A vacuumes.

And finally, what do you think of the new header? That's Milly up there, giving you her beady eye.


  1. Go with the critics! And yes, linking would be absolutely fine. Now for more posts to earn it!

  2. I love the new header! Great picture of Milly. I also completely understand 'comment of the week' I feel every housewife understands that quote!. What are you going to attempt in the veggie patch?

  3. *strokes chin contemplatively* The light... the shade.... the way the chickenwire sets off the old gate with determined exactitude.... it's a masterpiece. Better get Grand Designs onto this.

  4. I love the chicken proofing on the vege patch....very hilarious about the chickens thinking your painted toe nails are lovely yummies...at least if they escape you know how to lure them back! I love the new header, that is a no-nonsense chook, the boss of all the girls I'm assuming. I'm glad you liked my naughty house comment too....I'm much relieved to hear it isn't the only house that refuses to be cleaned :)

  5. I love your new header, those colours look amazing together. I just had a flashback to my childhood when I saw the sprinkler in the veggie patch. Can you still buy those today?! Living in a typically small Sydney abode, I totally envy your chickens and veggie patch. Would love to know what you're planning to grow.

  6. Great header! Even greater veggie patch! Ours are in pots on the front lawn and the cucumbers are slowly taking over.. they'll be growing up the side of the house before we know it! Ha!

  7. I love the header. It's very eye-catching and made me happy when I saw it. Rachel xx