Saturday, April 14, 2012

Oh yes they did!!

The day has come! The payoff for all my moderately easy exceptionally talented and tricky backyard work has begun. Clearly all my mutterings about lazy chooks rapidly meeting their maker at the bottom of a stockpot were taken to heart and acted upon because....

We have eggs!

Two over three days.

I suspect they are from the one chook, as they seem to be getting bigger each time (not that two points can really define a trend!) but I'm not sure which lady is responsible.

Not that I can actually tell the girls apart anymore - I use to identify Tilly by her tail feather, but ol' Milly wanted a piece of the action and had the raw cheek to grow a tail feather too. I try not to address them individually in the hopes they won't twig to my social faux paux.

I've saved the eggs in their own little egg cups on the window sill, and I'm just waiting until I have enough for a proper taste (split four ways, of course). I think another one should do it. Come on, ladies! Lay our Sunday breaky!


  1. Ooooh! Those are some mighty fine looking eggs you got there! Congrats :)

  2. Oh, congratulations! Brown eggs are lovely. We are going out to get out chickens today. Can't wait till we get to the point of actual eggs.

  3. Yay - well done girls. Glad that they are laying for you (well one anyway) We have been going for daily walks and feeding the school chickens our scraps. It has been a fun school holiday past time.

  4. Well done to the chook(s)! I bet they'll be really yummy!!

    I wonder if laying hurts it like childbirth???

    1. From the noise they make, I wouldn't be surprised...

  5. Yay, wait till you get the ginormous one, with two yolks in usually get a few of those when they first start laying...enjoy your hen fruit.

  6. Wow that's eggciting! Sorry couldn't help myself. Wish I could have chooks but hubby won't have a bar of it. Maybe one day I will win:-)

  7. "Homegrown" eggs are so much prettier than boring store bought ones! One of my coworkers has hens, and I love the beautiful green and blue ones! They are just so warm and inviting looking.

    Have fun with your chickens! I found out we aren't allowed to raise chickens in our neighborhood. Which is sad.

    However, I am somewhat relieved as my kids are wanting to get involved in 4H and "showing" animals, so that means I can't get a pig, goat or steer for them!