Friday, April 6, 2012

Ready to Wiggle? Why yes, yes we are!

We went to the Wiggles yesterday.

Met the mob - Waggs, D-Dino, old matey Jeff and the gang.

It was actually a whole lot better than I expected. The guys are always consummate performers, but the last show we saw, in December (a whole four months ago! How did we survive that long?) was just...tired.

With the benefit of hindsight, the occasional soap-opera watching, infinitesimal part of my brain thinks it might have been a result of the whole Sam - Greg furore, but in reality it was probably just because they are getting on in years, but keep on working two shows a day, and were reaching the end of a busy year. Those gents really do earn their money.

Thursday, however, was epic. The skivvied lads were on fire, as vibrant as ever.

They amped Peanut up very successfully - here she is madly waving her bones for Waggs.

"And the Wiggy dancers took dabone!  And they gave dabone to Waggs!! 
And dey read out mine name!!!" 
~ Peanut, explaining the pertinent details to Nanna on speakerphone. 

And here is Bug. Concentrating madly, desperately waiting for Rock-a-Bye-a-Bear, the only Wiggles song she properly knows. When it came on she jumped up, cast her bikkie aside and Rocked Out. 

Buying a ticket so a toddler to groove to one song, and sit spellbound for the rest? Totally worth it.


  1. Oh we are so jealous! Rock-a-bye your bear was F's first learnt dance routine - hilarious! Was the old new Greg as good as ever?!

    1. Re-Greg was great! Peanut Lost Her Freakin Mind when he came out - yellow Wiggle is her favourite, regardless of who is actually wearing the skivvy.

      Babies dancing rock-a-bye may just be the cutest thing ever. I need to get out the video camera and tape it before she grows out of it!

  2. Rockabye your bear is the song we sing at the end of every kindergym session...I am on my third round of kindergym...and my oldest is 11....I am thinking Judith our lovely kindergym teacher would be juuuuuusssstttt a little over that said she is gorgeous and sings it every day about four times....each week...
    Im so glad you had a great time at the concert....

    1. Yup, she knows it from kindygym! We sing it about four times a day here ourselves...

  3. Can I confess to a wee little crush on the blue wiggle?!

  4. Glad that you all had a great time at the Wigles. I am still a Sam girl. Personally I think they all need new life into the show (Dec ones are usually a litte quieter then other times of the year)
    I also know too much behind the scenes info of the whole wiggly family (We know Sam's Mum)

    1. Oooh, love to know the backstory there.... I'm definitely on Team Sam.