Wednesday, February 22, 2012

I've gone crunchy

Well, a little bit, anyway.

I'm conflicted. One minute I'll be reading about awesome natural toothpaste (great to save money and low on added chemicals), the next I'll be googling heinously expensive tooth whitening procedures.

But I've decided to add a bit of crunch to my life anyway. I started with natural toothpaste. It's just salt and bicarbonate soda, and it tastes like an ocean swim. Which is good if you dig salt, which I don't, and every time I brush my teeth I'm worried I'm one step closer to a coronary. still, I'll give it a week and see how I go.

For washing hair, I'm going to try the baking soda and apple vinegar method. I was too chicken to try it today, I was seeing my best friend and I didn't want her to tease me if I had a head that smelled like fish and chips. Which she totally would, that's why I love her. But I'll give it a crack one day I don't need to go anywhere. So maybe next century. I'll come back here when I'm 119 and let you know how it went.

I already use bicarb and vinegar round the house to clean, so my next experiment is washing powder. It's a soda (sensing a theme here?), sunlight soap and borax mix. I'm so excited to use it, but terrified at the same time. I found an old training towel Mr Accident had left outside, so I'll start with that. If that gets clean, the stuffs a miracle!

While I love the environment and saving money, I'm making the changes more for family health reasons. Hopefully putting less gunk on our skin and clothes will make everyone have that all natural, healthy hippy glow. And if, in the meantime, you see me and I smell like fish and chips... please, let me know.

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