Monday, February 27, 2012


When I was a kid, we camped often and much. Probably about once a year when I was young (starting VERY young), and then as I grew my friends and I caught the hiking bug and would sneak away for a couple of days whenever we could.

When I left home, I would "camp" with work, but it was very different. The incredible, heart catching beauty of the sun rising over the rolling hills on a misty morning was still there, but it was tempered by the reality of twenty hour working days and a whole heap of digging. I really missed fun, family camping.

I had been given a new tent for mother's day two years ago, but between Mr Accident still "camping" often with work and the young babies, we never used it. Finally, one weekend when Mr Accident was busy, I decided enough was enough and rang my mother... and together we camped.

We went to Wombeyan Caves. I would describe it's verdant loveliness, the interesting caves, the friendly kangaroos and wombats and the great amenities, but then you might want to visit and ruin it's best feature - the peace and quiet. So, instead, I will just share some pictures of our adventures.

Bug helping to set up the tent.
Note muddy pants and bare feet. We go a little feral when we go bush.
Bug was very drawn by the muddy road puddles.
 I spent most of my time running after her to rescue her from herself.
Just before we left on the last day I let her have a little, supervised play.
(The road would probably see about one car an hour, at 20km/h, it was really very safe.)

Look at that happy, muddy face. Baby bliss.

Night routine - very important for babies.
Especially muddy babies!
They both loved their al fresco baths.

They loved their stories, too. This is us snuggled up beside the camp fire.

Exploring the cave.
It was very well lit, we didn't really need our head torches,
but they were fun anyway.
Bug is riding on my back here,
you can see a better picture of her backpack in my sidebar. 


  1. I came across your blog searching for Wombeyan Caves camping (we're looking for a fun 3-day trip this weekend). But I've read a few of your posts and think it's great; I'm going to peek around some more and read regularly. Glad I ran into you! :)

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