Monday, February 13, 2012

Cunning plan

I have a secret.

My darling Mr Accident has been working his incredibly attractive bum off, training up to three hours a day so he is fit enough to complete a very competitive course for his work. He leaves in one week.

Meanwhile, I've been slothing around the house, keeping the home fires burning and, quite clearly (going off my waistline) baking cookies on them. In my defense, I've lost most of my post-baby podge but there are a stubborn three kilos hanging around my middle and my abs are the sloppiest they have ever been. Eek!

So while Mr Accident turns into an adonis, I am steadily getting left behind. But I have a plan! The second he's out of sight, flying off the biggest challenge of his life, I will be challenging myself to tone up and make for me, and him, the body I deserve.

I tried to join a gym a few months ago, one with a creche, but the baby hated it so much that I only went five times. I just couldn't deal with her upset - my waistline is not more important that her happiness! But my new plan is to work out at home. I have the weights, a skipping rope, an exercise bike and the great outdoors, and I now also have a work out partner. Bug is so into "hexercising"! I know if I tell her that I'll do exercise with her daily she'll hold me to it.

So, now I've told you my secret, you can hold me to it too...

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