Sunday, February 26, 2012


There's something lovely about surrendering to being sick.

Sure, the cracked, runny nose and the stuffy head suck, and trying to get the baby to sleep while coughing is hard, but these aren't exactly life threatening. Instead, I'm just sick enough to justify tracksuit pants, home delivered food and a couch day. Usually I'm all about well ironed cotton dresses, food from scratch and no-tv-before-dinner-Peanut-please-don't-ask-again! So it's lovely to just relax and take the easy route.

I started building the chook house yesterday. I didn't want it to be an expensive folly so I headed to the local recycling centre shop for supplies. Some chicken wire, a louvered door, four lengths of timber, a big plastic drum, some PVC pipe and a mower catcher for a nesting box (plus some bowls and a little chair that the kids picked) all for the low price of $15. An absolute bargain! To put it in perspective, the timber alone would have cost $15 at a hardware store. Plus I get to feel good about recycling. I'm stoked! Now the only thing left to do is buy and attach some door hinges, put up the fence and I'm done - chicken ready. I might leave that shopping trip for another day though - we're ensconced on the couch, very busy being sick, and I'm not planning on moving anytime soon. Hooray for sick-days!


  1. When my husband used to travel with his job (and I worked as many hours, but fewer days as I did 12 hour shifts) he would try to think of every conceivable project I may start that he did not WISH me to start so he could say "Please don't..." For example, "Please don't tear out the wall between the office and den while I'm gone the next few days." He once told me, "You know, I don't know any other guys who make their wives promise to not rip out the carpet while they're gone!"

    For the record, the main reason I complied with the "not ripping out the carpet" request was that I wasn't sure what to DO with the carpet once it was out of my house.

    Thanks for dropping by my blog!

  2. Get well soon! Your chook house sounds awesome though! Lovely to reconnect with The Accidental Story.