Friday, January 23, 2009

The Nursery Reality

So after hyping you all up for the nursery photos, I got myself so excited I went and took them right away regardless. So, without further ado, here is my totally-not-how-it-looked-in-the-catalogue nursery.
The small white drawers are just chipboard, but I painted them white and they are doing quite a good job pretending to be real wood. I bought the cloth boxes under the change table from Howard's Storage World (I love that place - I think Howard and I would get on just fine). They hold all the changing paraphernalia for bub. Please note though, none of this stuff has actually been baby road tested. My cunning system may fall to pieces in the face of screaming, pooping reality.
I love love love this lamp. It makes me happy. Yes, I am that shallow. It gives out just enough light for night feedings, but probably not enough to read by.
There are plenty of soft toys in the crib at the moment. They will all be moved to the toy box when Bub moves in, but for now they are cute and I love looking at them, thinking of the people who sent them for baby and how many people she will have to love her when she finally arrives.
For some reason everyone seems to have sent pink elephants. These ones are gorgeous:

Since we live in the tropical north, the quilt from the set will not see much use until we migrate south again. Instead, I pinned it to some green fabric I had lying around to make it a tab top, and attached it to a dowel. It fills the wall space well, and I doubt the realtor will notice my illegal, small and very high up nail-holes when we move out.

The mobile in front of the quilt was something I banged together using a bird pattern from the net. I made a couple of leaves and then attached them all to sticks from the yard. It's not very practical, and the birds are always overbalancing, but it was made with love. And isn't that what really counts?

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