Sunday, January 18, 2009

A Frog Eating Failure

Wow, sometimes it surprises me how well I know myself. My prophesy came true, and today was not a good frog-eating day. I crawled back into bed after Mr Accident left for work and I was still in my pyjamas at 1130. The upside is I'm now totally rested, and I can kind of justify the sleeping in / laziness thing as wise before having kids (because I know I probably won't get a sleep in for years once the baby arrives) but I still felt off kilter and behind schedule for the rest of the day. I think it's worth waking up properly the first time to avoid that!

Here is picture of a chinese man who is far better at frog eating than I am:

Today I also had to go into the motor vehicle registry to get a new licence, as we have moved and I've changed names to become Mrs Accident. The staff were totally lovely, but my licence photo is TERRIBLE. I look like a chubby, pregnant tomato. I think I will have to 'lose' the licence and get a new picture once the bub has come and my head is back to weighing less than a small planet. I hope that happens quickly!

In other news, Mr Accident has decided to take his lunch to work. Our work provides a cheap canteen and in most locations this is a great social midday break and the food is plentiful and healthy. However, at the new work location the food is terrible and really fatty, more like pub food. It's not really what you would want to eat at lunch, especially since Mr Accident is a bit of a gym nut. He was a little stumped as to what to take to eat tomorrow (today he took some left over lasagna from dinner last night) so I suggested rice paper rolls. He made them himself, for the first time ever. Here's the final outcome, made with vermicelli, roast chicken, avocado, mayonnaise and lettuce wrapped in a rice paper wrap:

Good job Mr Accident!

What do you take for lunch when you're out? Any quick and easy favourites?


  1. hahaha! I didn't "eat my frog" today either...congratulations on your impending bundle!

    I usually make pasta for my hubby to take work...not sure if that is healthy for gym people since my hubby probably hasn't been in years, haha! but pasta keeps in the fridge really well and kind of marinates itself...I make a basil pesto with artichoke hearts and he loves it a lot!

  2. It's not what I take for's more what do I buy for lunch..I am so bad at that!
    -sandy toe

  3. Hey girl--yes, that lunch looks delish. And I'm still trying to figure out what my frog is everyday. I think I have like 10.

    I wanted to thank you for your kind, encouraging words that you left for me over at Nesting Place--thank you!