Tuesday, January 13, 2009


Ok, so the first post went well. Now it's time for some introductions.

This is a photo of Mr Accident and Archie the Cavalier puppy.

Archibald has just turned one, and he thinks he runs the house. He is probably right. Yesterday he chewed the toothpaste tube and freshened his breath, and he just chewed a photo album and Mr Accident threw a beanbag at him. I guess he is doing his bit, training us for a toddler, and teaching us to baby proof the house. He likes cuddles and laps and is afraid of fluff, frogs and christmas lights. He is NOT tough, but since he barks bravely at anything that moves he makes a decent alarm system.

This is Baya. She actually runs the house. She is the kind of first dog that every girl should have, and she has totally spoilt me for every future dog ever. She is remarkably understanding of my attempts to train her, and very kindly pretends to carefully follow most of my instructions, if she feels like it.

She is growing older now, and slowing up a little. Mr Accident sometimes worries that she prefers me, but he doesn't see her waiting by the door for him to come back every time he leaves the house! She is a one man dog, and that man is Mr Accident.

I suppose that at some stage I will have to post a picture of me, but I'll need to find a good one first.


  1. Welcome to the neighborhood dear one. We don't usually have time for extensive chatting, but we wanted to be sure to welcome a new one to the village.
    Mistress--ButtonWillow Cottage (and all those in The Small Dwellings)