Sunday, January 25, 2009

We need help

My fully grown, manly husband likes to spoon his dog. While she's spooning my dog. Perhaps it's because she is not pregnantly hormonal and doesn't yell "get off me, how can you bear to touch me, I'm the size of a fully grown hefalump who just ate a whole plate of nachos!" every time he tries to show her affection. Hmmmm, I might need to see a psychologist about my pregnant body image issues. Perhaps I can schedule the appointment for the same time as he sees one about SPOONING HIS DOG?

It does make for some cute photos though.

And she's definitely smiling in that last one.

1 comment:

  1. That's true love! I feel the same way about my dog. You can read about her on our ForeverWherever blog, under Daily Thanks...she's awesome!
    Thanks for the kind words on the Nester Guest Post! Hey...that door hardware thing could work on a rental...just save the old hardware and change it back out when you leave!
    Remodeling Guy