Wednesday, January 14, 2009

A Day In My Life

It's Day in the Life time from Little Jenny Wren. My apologies for the lack of pictures, I'll try and remember my camera next time!

At the moment Mr Accident and I are both on holidays, so our days are super relaxed. We've just moved, and I am really looking forward to exploring the new area. Unfortunately we're kind of on tenterhooks waiting for the baby to arrive, and the weather has been really really crazy. An "ex-tropical cyclone" is hanging around in our neighbourhood and messing with summer; it has rained continuously for the last 3 days and it doesn't look like stopping. The real bummer is that Mr Accident has promised to take me to Bunnings on the very first sunny day. Stop raining please!!!

Anyway, that's all a little off topic. Here's my day:

I woke up before Mr Accident. This is a pretty unusual occurrence, as since I've hit the third trimester I can sleep like a champion. I switched on the coffee machine, which was mighty kind of me since I'm on the caffeine-dry, but since it is a one button on machine maybe not worth a real medal. Breaky was cereal, yogurt and milk, as usual.

In this house we have an awesome double shower. I didn't notice it when I first inspected the place, so it was a really nice surprise when we arrived. It also means I only have to clean my half, and Mr Accident can do his half at his leisure. I leave the necessary stuff around in case he gets the shower cleaning bug, but his real strength is floors. I don't do floors.

After pottering around at home we headed into town, visited the library and stopped into a little cafe for lunch. It's been fun trying out new restaurants and cafes around town, we've found some really nice ones. I also spotted a boutique that is so cute I want to live there. After lunch it was still bucketing down and so Mr Accident kindly dropped me off at council to register the dogs. The council lady was so helpful and lovely, people in this town are really welcoming!

My work moves me round a fair bit, sometimes without telling the new place I'm coming into all the details. That meant today when I dropped in to my new work to tell the guys on the ground that I had arrived, I also has to tell them I wouldn't actually be at work for another year. After the initial confusion they finally got the message, and they took it really well. I'm lucky my work is so flexible with maternity leave and I get my job back when I return, even after a really long absence.

I tried to choose properly edifying books at the library, but I always get one fluff book. Of course I always read that one first, so this afternoon I started reading the Agatha Christie. Once Mr Accident came back from his daily gym trip we headed out in a brief break in the weather to walk the puppies. About a minute later it started raining again, but by then the dogs were so happy to be out of the yard it would have been plain mean to turn back. The lake bridge had turned into a proper causeway with all the rain, but the water has lowered a little and most of the path was good to go. After the walk we headed home and changed into dry clothes. We had chicken kebabs and salad for dinner, then settled in for some quality Las Vegas viewing on TV.


  1. I enjoyed reading about your day. And I'm like you, when I get library books (or any books) the fluff gets read way before the edifying ones.


  2. Hello, Mrs. Accidental! I can't wait to hear about your new baby and your transition to motherhood ;-)

  3. Hi there! I tried to post a comment a few days ago and it wouldn't let me :(
    I love reading the 'Day in my life' posts! Your day sounds really nice!