Friday, January 23, 2009

Fantasy vs Reality - the nursery

Well folks, the nursery is finally ready! Are you excited? By far the best thing about moving into the new house was finally getting to spend hours and hours with an allen key putting together very small furniture. Mr Accident and I got the basics set up very quickly, but then I kind of stalled and left a great big pile of hand me down clothing strewn around the room for weeks because I couldn't face sorting it. It looked a little like this, but without any helpfully working women in sight.

Then yesterday I fell into a Mum-to-be frenzy and tidied the whole room.
Before we moved I went all out and bought jungle themed nursery items, including the equally useless bed and curtain valances, and two random little cushions. Here is what it looked like in the catalogue, isn't it darling?
They even offer suggested paint options for the walls:

Needless to say, my nursery looks nothing like this. At all.

Since we're renting a house where we can't paint anything, and we are not allowed to put holes / nails anything onto our bare and unhappy walls, it kind of limited the design potential. I know Nester would rush in here with a hot glue gun and a big hammer and tell me to get over myself, everything is fixable (especially teeny wall holes) but I'm a little nervous. The realtor is scary!

Anyhow, it's raining with fierce thunder and the light is all wrong for pictures, so I will just leave you in suspenders until tomorrow, when I will post highly disappointing pictures of my totally non-designer nursery. I promise!

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