Thursday, August 2, 2012

Soap Holder Tutorial

I've seen some awesome soap making tutorials around. 

This is not one of them. Given the best soap makers beg you not to have children and small animals in the way while you create, it's clearly not something I'm meant to be attempting. 

Instead, this is a tutorial for a soap holder. Bug likes to sneak into the bathroom and dig her fingers into our lovely lavender soap, gouging out chunks and smearing it onto her face. The only upside is she smells divine. 

Since I couldn't find a reasonably priced, wall mounted, plastic soap dish in any of the stores I frequent, I decided to DIY. Here's how:

You will need a face washer / flannel / wash cloth (oh, what-ever-you-want-to-call-it. Bob.) and a small loop of ribbon or elastic. 

Take your Bob and chop it in half, and put half to one side. You won't need it.

Chopped in half. I made two - one to use, one as a spare.
Fold your remaining cloth into thirds, with the raw edge at one end.

Now we are going to sew up the raw end. I ran a straight stitch then trimmed and zig zagged over the end:

These are obviously not my actual stitches - mine are far bigger and uglier ;)

Then, once you're all sewn, turn it inside out.

It should look like this!

Now, if you want a hanging loop, grab your elastic or ribbon and stitch the ends together.

Stitched up. 
Pin your loop into the corner of your cloth, far enough in to be caught in a seam...

...and then run that seam along the open end.

You can see the seam here.
And there you have it! A lovely purple soap holder bag for our lovely lavender soap.

The soap will take a second or two to maneuver into the bag, but it is also just tricky enough a toddler can't maneuver it back out. Success!

So, gentle reader, did your kids ever get into the soap or similar? My dog ate a whole bottle of olive oil once. Now that was an experience!


  1. That is nifty. Making mental note in case I find myself with a secret soap gouger on my hands.

  2. Goodness you are clever.....we have liquid soap for the kids here, and its always joyous to buy a brand new bottle for bathtime and then to come in afterwards and find that bottle is EMPTY....what fabulously clean children I have.

  3. Dog.. olive oil.. I.. yuck.

    Good idea for soap holder though!

  4. Oooh i do love much classier than the old stocking with soap we have tied to the taps at the moment!

  5. That looks like a very clever idea - the soap will dry out quite nicely in there too, instead of sitting in the slime that soap holders always seem to form.

  6. I should try to make this, just for the sake of sewing something, but I'm scared of the sewing machine.
    Or possibly failure.

  7. i love your tips it so informative and useful..maybe i should try on this one so i can do it on my way no need to buy for it

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