Wednesday, December 2, 2009

I'm being followed by a moon shadow

The moon tonight is fat, heavy and full. It's leering down into the warm tropical night; close enough to reach up and squeeze.

Tonight is a night for gin and tonics with plenty of ice, served in crystal on a wooden verandah. Tonight is a night for skinny dipping in a public pool, and then climbing back over the fence and running home barefoot. Tonight is a night for wading out into the ocean fully clothed in jeans, then lying back and watching the sky.

It's a night for lying on damp sheets with the window shutters open, and listening to the night birds complain about the abnormal light. It's a fine night for taking the dogs out, just to amble slowly along and let them burn off their werewolf induced energy, gamboling by the lake.

But I need to stay home. I need to be sensible. I need to watch over baby, listen for her cries and keep her safe. Because I want her to grow up and create her own memories of full-moon nights, too. I hope they are wonderful.


  1. Yes you sensible Mumma:) Oh take her for a walk at least. Amelia needed to sleep with the blinds open last night so she could watch the moon:)

  2. Um-ah! Blog Anonymity blown! I promise I won't tell! (But what a beautiful name :)

  3. Amelia is Kylie's gorgeous daughter, not mine ;)

  4. Nuts. We were hoping Amelia was yours.

    But yeah, take your baby into the moonlight! Get those moonbeams into her. You might not want to dress her in jeans and dunk her in the sea, though... (seriously? you do that?)

  5. What a gorgeous post.

    Right now my eldest is at a beach house with all of her friends and I imagine that is EXACTLY what she is doing. As did I at her age.