Monday, December 7, 2009

Happy Anniversary Mr Accident!

So, what's a girl to do when her handsome husband is far, far away on their wedding anniversary?

Why, make a husband-on-a-stick, of course.

Just a few minutes with an old picture, a decent colour printer, some cardboard and clear contact paper, tape it onto some old scrap wood and voila - a poor substitute for the real deal!

Baby thought it was pretty funny.

After she had a good look, and checked it really was a picture of her Daddy, she puckered up and practiced her smooching.

Her baby smooches can be a little... enthusiastic. And quite often they involve the occasional tooth mark and a healthy helping of slobber. I was glad I covered the picture in plastic. I think she has been getting kissing tips from the dogs.

Speaking of dogs, someone wasn't too enthusiastic about the new addition to the house.

After a thorough warning bark, and some manly, nervous prancing, Archie gave up and took refuge in the coffee table.

He is a terrible pansy. Not only is he afraid of disembodied owners, but balloons, feather dusters and Christmas lights. It's a hard life for a dog.

My friends threw me a BBQ in honour of the day. Of course I took husband-on-a-stick.

It was in public.

With people we knew walking past.

I propped him up and he watched the whole thing. And I made him kiss me, too.  I am actually amazed I have friends who love me regardless of my antics.

These same long suffering friends brought me a massive bunch of beautiful flowers and an awesome present, too. It was a "Meet Me At Mike's" craft book, stuffed full of creative ideas that made me want to make Every Single Thing in the book immediately.

When I opened the book I noticed a lot of post-it notes. One of my friends had gone through the book and tagged all the things she wants as presents from me in the near future. I suspect the gift was not entirely altruistic!

I'm so glad I don't need friends-on-a-stick, too.


  1. Hapy Anniversary, I am sorry that Mr Accident is so far away! If we lived in the same town, I would have been at that BBQ! I hope you're doing okay. How long is Mr A usually away when he goes?

  2. He should be back in late Feb hopefully, he's gone for about 8 months this time.

  3. That's hilarious! You guys look very good together.

    What happens when Mr Accident comes home? Does Husband-on-a-Stick have to run and hide in the cupboard? Or quickly climb out the window?

  4. Oh I love it - you are a crack and we love you. Happy Anniversary to you and MR A. Can't believe that it has been a year already.

  5. Oh and we have another friend that's hubby was away when thier second bub was born and she made a full sized Daddy it was too funny and a little scary at the same time. Love and Miss you all

  6. That is hilarious! :-) How good that you took it in stride so well.