Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Once we went a walking...

I took my girls a walking, a walking in the woods...

Well, the bush, anyway. We'd set out from home on what was a beautiful sunny day in our local micro climate, but once we hit the local mountain it was COLD. Clearly when Jack Frost gets booted from the sunny lowlands, he takes to the hills. I took this photo just before lunch!

Bug took to the hills too. She took a while to find her feet on the rocky ground (that was a bit distressing for a scrub-raised kid like me, I'm inadvertently raising little city slickers!) but she soon hit her straps and took off. Way off. The kind of "off" where you eventually think you should call her back, but then she just looks round cheekily and keeps on running... 

I had brought some index cards for Peanut to record interesting things. She was busy sticking down all the different kinds of leaves she could find, when Bug brought her a rock. So she stuck that too. Funny monkey.

Nice views, eh bro? (I may be watching some kiwi's-taking-over-the-Gold-Coast show while I type. It's terrible. I highly recommend it.)

We built a little lean-to as a play house. The girls wanted to live there forever. Bug crawled in, flopped down on her back, and refused to come out again. I think she was knackered after all her running away. Which is a bit rich, really, because she had actually been carried most of the walk. Otherwise right now we would still be at the trail head, looking at interesting pebbles, instead of home watching "quality" tv.

Pfft. Quality TV. Who am I kidding? If I'm not careful, the kids will pick up on this trash subliminally while they sleep, and I'll end up with two little duck-faced teeny boppers...

Oh no. Too late.


  1. Oh she really perfected that pout!!

    Lovely walk.

  2. Love the pout - perhaps she was just blowing bubbles? Whatever, she's a wee poppet even if she does take off to the hills and leave her mother behind......

  3. Lovely to get into the wilds once in a while (says me who lives in them) we take the same approach to tackling the main street of nearest main town lol

  4. Bug ran off? Maybe you need that kiddy leash afterall. ;)

  5. Aw, but that's an adorable duck face! What a fun day you had with the girls!

  6. my screen just wore that mouthful of Nutella I was enjoying...

  7. Yo! Is everything ok at Casa Accident?