Friday, June 1, 2012

Tempus Really Truly Fugit

It's that time of year again.

Time to rake the autumn leaves.

Before they turn into winter leaves (lazy yard keeper that I am.)

We love a good jumping pile here at chateau Accidental.

Peanut stuffed Bug's hood.

And taught her how to undo all my good raking.

Remember last year?

Sometime, when I wasn't looking, my kids grew.

Bug 2011
Bug 2012

And became more leafy.

Peanut 2011
Peanut 2012

I blame the little sister in the gang. 

I'm kind of sad there won't be a 2013 picture out the front of the same house,
but my arms won't miss the raking. (I'm sore today, the big sook that I am.) 

Bring on winter....


  1. I have a time story for you, just picked up kids from school disco after a mum rang here wondering where we were?.....Huh, dosnt the disco finish at 8.30?.....ah, no actually it finished half and hour ago at 8.00....oops, sorry, be right there....look at your leafy munchkins....I raked today too, I love it, it is therapy....just looked outside an hour later, and they were all back on the lawn again....ready for some more raking tomorrow.

    1. Oh no! Hope the kids weren't too worried. I used to stay behind after school discos playing chasing with the other kids-of-canteen-volunteer-mums. It was the best part!

      My leaves are all back too. Peanut is delighted, another day, another pile...

  2. The kids do grow sooo fast. Seriously you have to take the time to really just 'be' with them while they are young, because I blinked and a whole decade whooshed past. It gave me a fright! Nice winter shots.

  3. Just lovely! Its great to see pictures of Fall when its spring up here in the Northern Hemisphere. Your babies are simply gorgeous. Time DOES fly.... at a nearly heart-breaking pace. :) thanks for sharing.

  4. We have no leaves. My children are missing a vital part of a proper education. :(

  5. I leave my leaves...ha! Leave my leaves! Sorry, I cracked me up. Anyway, I figure that they make good mulch and that is a GREAT excuse to not rake!

    1. Does that kill the grass? Ours fall so thickly I reckon it would be an issue.

  6. Yes, it does seem a tad un-natural these Aussie trees that ignore winter entirely....I think we should start a business that makes paper leaves and mails boxes of them to families who are without.
    Do you get to know where you will be or it is a sort of surprise last minute thing?

    1. It's kind of a surprise. We get a bit of a say in our preferences, but then it's up to "service need".

  7. So productive on this viciously cold day! We stayed inside with the heater on sipping hot chocolates! mmmm….

  8. I love Canberra autumns. Rolling in the leaves is one of the best parts of growing up there.