Monday, May 18, 2009

Convergence and Carrot Cake

Sometimes everything just comes together.

I wanted to make Mr Accident a cake for when he came back from a brief business trip a week ago, but the internet broke and so I couldn't get the recipe, even though I'd already bought all the ingredients...

then he came back and eventually the internet was fixed, but he'd eaten half the supplies...

then I went shopping and suddenly I had all the ingredients, the time and the inclination. So I mixed up a carrot cake, just in time for afternoon tea when my Mum arrived for a long distance visit. (How much am I still loving my KitchenAid Mixer?)

The recipe made so much mix that there was enough for a second cake, which was perfectly timed as a gift for my friend, since she is not only ridiculously, painfully, hormonally pregnant but her oldest baby boy just came down with a bad flu. I gave her the nice one on the left.

Timing is everything.

1 comment:

  1. My son drools over the words carrot and cake (though only when put together). I will show him this picture and watch as he moistens my keyboard.